Tint My Ride

Automotive Shop Sees Over 300% YoY Growth In Meta Campaign Leads


Tint My Ride is an auto tinting and detailing shop located in Denver, CO. Their core service offerings include window tinting, paint protective films (PPF), vehicle wraps, and detailing. They provide these services to a wide range of customers, from everyday drivers with standard vehicles all the way to auto enthusiasts and collectors with high-end and specialty sports vehicles.

After working with a freelancer that had been running both Google Ads and Meta Ads for Tint My Ride, the client needed a PPC expert to quickly take over and grow their accounts.


We hit the ground running from the start by optimizing Tint My Ride’s Google Ads account, building new conversion rate optimized landing pages, and targeting vehicle owners in search of window tinting and PPF wrap services. We saw great early success from our Google Ads campaigns not only in leads, but also in increasing their visibility amongst competitors to help them stay on top of the search landscape.

With the promising results of our Google Ads campaigns, we shifted our focus to Meta Ads, where we aimed to generate the same success with Facebook and Instagram campaigns.


This initial success worked well as we were working in near-peak season during the Summer and Fall months. Now we were heading into the Winter months, which encompasses the slowest time of year for Tint My Ride and prospective clients. The demand for window tinting services heavily declines during these months, so generating demand was going to be a challenge.


During January and February of the previous year, Tint My Ride heavily promoted a $199 window tinting deal and ran targeted campaigns for this promotion on Meta. Their strategy was running ad creative and copy highlighting the details of the promotion and sending traffic to a simple landing page to acquire leads.

This year, in January and February of 2023, they gave us the heads up that they wanted to run the $199 window tint deal again. After looking at their prior efforts with this deal, we knew we could use those insights and do even better with a cleaner, more efficient strategy:

  • To maximize our reach, we leveraged Meta’s Detailed Targeting feature, targeting users who had high engagement and interest around some of the top vehicle manufacturers.
  • We leveraged first-party data from Tint My Ride’s CRM, uploading a list of their current customer base and then building both 1% and 2% lookalike audiences from that list. This allowed us to hone in further on Meta users that shared similar characteristics as Tint My Ride’s actual customers.
  • We targeted the areas both in and around the Denver, CO metropolitan area.
  • Rather than sending traffic to a landing page and risking decreased user engagement, we utilized On-Facebook Lead forms to make it as easy and seamless as possible for users who clicked on our ads to enter their lead information.
  • To top it all off, we created strong creative assets and ad copy that drew attention to the $199 window tint deal itself, as well as the fact that this deal was exclusive to Tint My Ride for a short amount of time.


In addition to measuring the volume of leads as a metric of success, we wanted to see how our strategy for the same $199 window tint deal stacked up against last year’s strategy. Spoiler alert: our strategy was a massive success!

Comparing the core metrics and KPIs from the $199 window tint deal campaigns in 2022 to our new campaigns in 2023, we saw incredible improvements across the following metrics:

  • 362% increase in leads from Meta (From 114 in 2022 to 527 in 2023)
  • 76% increase in Reach (From 92,275 in 2022 to 169,363 in 2023)
  • 77% decrease in Cost per Lead (From $43.91 in 2022 to $10.10 in 2023)
  • 55% increase in CTR (From 0.65% in 2022 to 1% in 2023)

With these results, not only were we able to reach more engaged users from our audience targeting efforts and our ads, but we were able to drive an exponential increase in leads at a far lower cost per lead! All this played a pivotal role in helping Tint My Ride generate demand for their services even during a slow and low-demand season.

About The Client

Tint My Ride is a premier automotive shop offering window tinting, paint protective films (PPF), vehicle wraps, and detailing.


Denver, CO




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