Why Choose Our PPC Team?

  • We’re a team of experienced PPC managers who are strongly in tune with the ever-changing landscape of digital advertising.
  • We’re dedicated to constant optimization and learning.
  • We manage client PPC accounts as if they were our own.
  • Each one of our clients have real people behind them, not just software.
  • Your Account Manager and Paid Search specialist create the perfect team, blending strategy and implementation to ensure you achieve your digital advertising goals.
  • Our team is pretty great (not just because we’re skilled). We love PPC management, and we aim to have fun doing it!
John Thornton Black Propeller

John Thornton

Founder & CEO

While John may be a marketing rock star, he thinks he’s an actual rock star, and a movie star too. These days, when he’s not obsessing over boring acronyms like ROI and CRO, you can find him drinking the worlds worst coffee and lamenting the fact that he’s the only person in the office who’s seen every episode of Saved by the Bell.

Annie Yeager

Account Director

Annie is the glue at Black Propeller, but we don’t tell her that. Glue is a sensitive topic for her. See, Annie loves horses, a lot. And they love her too. Especially Serene Harbor, who made her a famous Steeplechase Jockey. Unfortunately, Annie’s horse racing skills don’t really translate to most other sports, like ping pong. She’s awful at that.

Annie Black Propeller
Kelsey Black Propeller

Kelsey Oliver

Paid Social Manager

Kelsey’s desk is home to the world’s smallest plant, while her foot is home to the world’s smallest tattoo. She says it’s a “wave”, but it’s a ripple at best. Aside from loving all things small, Kelsey has an unhealthy obsession with Christmas. Who listens to Christmas music in March? Kelsey.

Delaney Newhart

Account Manager

As an Account Manager at Black Propeller, Delaney does more than keyword planning and ad copy writing. She also makes sure to post regular boomerangs on the BP Instagram, a task she does not take lightly. You can thank her background in professional photography for ensuring she gets ALL the good angles!

Delaney Black Propeller

Hannah Johnston

Digital Designer

Hannah may sit a lot for her job, but makes up for it with all the hiking she does out of the office. Although she’s not satisfied with east coast “hills” after living out west, she says they get the job done. She may be infamous for getting lost on the trail, but lucky for us she can map out an eye-catching design like a pro.

Mary Morris

Account Coordinator

Mary’s pride and joy is her dog Fred. He might be cross-eyed and scared of balloons, but she loves him just the same. She recently moved to Maryland and is already obsessed with crab dip. When she’s not crossing items off of her to-do list, she is staying up to date on the latest Tik Tok trends, and researching new marketing tactics.

Mary Black Propeller
Nate Black Propeller

Nate Laws

Account Coordinator

Nate is a proud graduate of Towson University, where he majored in Ultimate Frisbee. His parents tried telling him there was no future in Frisbee. But Ultimately he didn’t listen, and so he’s had to settle for a job in marketing. We think he’s OK with that, though he’s still pretty attached to frisbee – he carries one around the office like a 5-year-old carries around their teddy bear.

Bill Barbre

Project Manager

Meet Bill, National Staring Contest Champion and all-around technical guru. He’s also designed a few websites in his career, building his first website over 20 years ago using Microsoft FrontPage. And that just so happens to be the last time he smiled too.

Bill Black Propeller

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