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Black Propeller Hits A Home Run For Growing Baseball Equipment Supplier


Tanner Tees specializes in manufacturing and supplying top-quality batting equipment and gear for baseball and softball players. Seeking greater visibility for their products in the shopping feed on the Google Shopping Network, Tanner Tees approached us to revamp their PPC campaigns. They were dissatisfied with their previous agency’s inability to optimize and improve their product visibility, hindering their ability to scale effectively.


Our primary goals were to enhance product visibility, ensure all products received equal exposure, and gather accurate performance data to maximize conversions and revenue.


When we started working with Tanner Tees, we identified a few curveballs. First, their conversions were being double-counted, leading to results of purchases, revenue, and ROAS being reported inaccurately. This made it challenging for them to assess the true impact of their PPC budget.

Additionally, their most prominent product that was showing most often within their shopping feed and on the Google Shopping Network wasn’t even their most popular or most profitable product. This not only meant that their other hundreds of products weren’t getting visibility on the shopping feed, but also that Tanner Tees was missing out on getting additional, valuable purchases for some of their most popular products.


To address these challenges and knock performance out of the park, we implemented a more granular, product-focused campaign strategy. First, we set up conversion actions to accurately track conversions and measure conversion value. This allowed us to provide Tanner Tees with precise data on campaign performance and the true value of their PPC efforts. Next, we built out segmented Performance Max campaigns, using a maximize conversion value strategy. We created a completely separate campaign with an optimized shopping feed to highlight their flagship batting tee products, ensuring maximum exposure for their core product set. Finally, we developed another Performance Max campaign with asset groups organized by product groupings to allocate a budget for their accessory and gear products. We targeted our campaigns at the product level to gather data from overall data down to specific product performance.


Not only did we knock it out of the park with our strategy, it was a home run for Tanner Tees! With our product-level Performance Max campaign strategy, we achieved the following results within a 90 day period:

  • For their flagship Batting Tee products, we achieved a remarkable 7.3x ROAS, driving significant revenue for the client.
  • Our separate PMAX campaign focusing on equipment and gear yielded a 6.4x ROAS.
  • Search impression share increased by 60%, with click-through rates increasing by 166%.
  • All of our efforts resulted in a 6.4x ROAS across the account, generating an impressive $146,130.00 in revenue.
  • Increased CTR across 78 products and Clicks across 102 products allowing us to increase their clicks by 81% and CTR by 113% across all products.
  • Specifically with their Brown & Black Sabre Training Bat product, we increased clicks by 25,100.0%, and in our Black Sabre Training Bat increased CTR by 71,005.6%


Through optimizing campaign structure at the product level and leveraging the power of Performance Max campaigns, we helped Tanner Tees achieve remarkable results, including impressive ROAS figures and increased brand and product visibility. All of this painted a clearer picture for Tanner Tees by showing them what products and product categories were leading to better returns to further help them make strategic decisions around their product catalog.

If you’re looking for an agency that will step up to the plate and go at bat for your PPC game, Black Propeller is your team!

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The best batting tees for your hitter, made with premium, durable materials and assembled in the United States.


Sarasota, FL


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