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New Landing Page & Campaign Overhaul Leads to 234% Increase in Conversions


Page Publishing is a U.S.-based book publishing company. They specialize in being a full-service publisher for both new and repeat authors that reviews manuscript submissions to be approved for publishing, and then provides major services including manuscript editing and typesetting, book cover design, hard copy distribution and eBook formatting, and more.

They came to Black Propeller to overhaul their Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts to create a better organized, optimized, and result-driven account structure for their lead generation initiatives. While they primarily focused on generating qualified leads in the United States targeting both English and Spanish-speaking authors, they were looking to expand internationally with lead generation campaigns in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico. This required a highly organized campaign structure, with campaigns segmented by Bottom of Funnel (BOF), Top of Funnel (TOF), and Branded keyword sets to maximize conversions in multiple stages of their funnel across all regions. In addition, this required new and improved landing pages for each region that would dynamically track conversions based on user input on our lead gen forms.


Early on, we knew that the U.S. had historically been the client’s bread and butter for driving a high volume of leads. Soon after implementing our strategy and new campaigns, we had a few challenges we needed to overcome:

  1. Conversion rates for our core BOF and TOF U.S. campaigns on Google Ads were performing below average at a 7% conversion rate.
  2. At the same time, the low conversion rate was resulting in $93 average cost per conversion, which was 116% higher than the previous average cost per conversion trailing in the account for comparable campaigns.
  3. Digging deeper, we noticed that there were major differences in conversion rates and cost per conversion between Desktop and Mobile devices. On Desktop devices, our average conversion rate was sufficient at just over 10% with a $53 cost per conversion, while on Mobile devices our conversion rate was nearly 3 times lower than Desktop at just over 3%, and at a cost per conversion of $168 (over 3x higher than Desktop!).

After learning from these performance metrics, we knew the main issues were:

  • Overall conversion rate in our BOF and TOF campaigns was not sufficient enough to meet the Page Publishing’s goals
  • The large disparities between conversion rate and cost per conversion between devices, specifically on Mobile, combined with the search volume and competitiveness in our campaign keyword sets, were less cost efficient


Thinking through the main challenges our core BOF and TOF U.S. campaigns were facing, our Paid Search and Design teams came together to strategize how to best increase overall conversion rate of our landing page with an a/b test. A main culprit of low conversion rates can be your form type, which in this case was a multistep form that took users through a 3-step process before submitting their information.

Different form types, including multi-step, embedded, lightbox and others can resonate differently with specific audiences and industries. Our A/B test was set up with two variants: our “control” which utilized the original multistep form, and our “test” variant which utilized a standard embed form. Unlike the multistep form that takes users through multiple steps, an embedded form allows users to see all form fields at once on the page.

After setting up our “control” and our “test” variant, we split the traffic to an even 50/50 and set the test to run for two weeks.


The results were a night and day difference! Within 14 days of running our A/B test focused on form type, we saw the following results on our landing page:

  • The test reached 32% statistical significance and received enough data to end the test.
  • 27% increase in conversions compared to the “control” multistep variant.
  • This boosted page conversion rate from 5% to a whopping 9.75%

In Google Ads, we saw major improvements for the core metrics in our TOF and BOF search campaigns. When comparing 30 days after launching our a/b test compared to 30 days prior, we noticed:

  • 8% total increase in conversion rate
    • Increase in Desktop conversion rate: 5%
    • Increase in Mobile conversion rate: 200%
  • 86% total decrease in cost per conversion (down from $88 to $40)
    • Decrease in Desktop cost per conversion: 11% (down from $52 to $46)
    • Decrease in Mobile cost per conversion: 75% (down from $203 to $50)
  • 50% total increase in conversions
    • Increase in Desktop conversions: 200%
    • Increase in Mobile conversions: 355%

The momentum didn’t stop there. We also saw solid improvements in these same metrics for our core campaigns on Microsoft Ads:

  • 69% total increase in conversion rate
    • Increase in Desktop conversion rate: 62%
    • Increase in Mobile conversion rate: 80%
  • 41% total decrease in cost per conversion (down from $52 to $30)
    • Decrease in Desktop cost per conversion: 34% (down from $48 to $32)
    • Decrease in Mobile cost per conversion: 61% (down from $28 to $11)
  • 58% total increase in conversions
    • Increase in Desktop conversions: 39%
    • Increase in Mobile conversions: 216%


Black Propeller’s Paid Search and Design teams worked together, using data and insights, to tackle the performance challenges our paid search campaigns were facing. Together, the teams reviewed current strategy, identified key barriers to success, and tested solutions to create an immediate positive impact on performance for Page Publishing across multiple KPIs. The success of this test was a textbook example of how paid search and design go hand-in-hand in driving performance for our clients. As Forrest Gump would say, they are like peas and carrots, working together to achieve a common goal. That’s the name of the game at Black Propeller!

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Page Publishing is a full-service publishing house that handles all the intricacies involved in book publishing.


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