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Black Propeller’s PPC Management Services Propel OPS Security Group to Success


OPS Security Group is a leading provider of security services for commercial and residential properties. They specialize in serving small shopping plazas, individual business buildings, tall commercial buildings, housing complexes, and apartment buildings. OPS also offers a concierge service that provides front desk support and security to its clients. However, OPS was facing a challenge with their Google Ads campaigns, as they were not generating quality leads and their investment was not yielding profitable results.


OPS Security Group approached Black Propeller with the goal of increasing the quantity and quality of leads generated through Paid Search. Their primary objective was to drive more closed deals through effective PPC management.


One of the main challenges we faced was the limited reach of OPS Security Group’s target audience, as they only provided services in three states – Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Additionally, there was an issue with generating leads in one of the states, which posed a significant obstacle in maximizing the market potential.


To overcome these challenges, we devised a strategy focused on segmentation and state targeting. Previously, all three states were grouped into a single campaign, giving Google full control over spending distribution. We separated each state into its own campaign, allowing us to have better control over spend allocation and optimize the campaigns effectively. Furthermore, this approach enabled us to create specific headlines, verbiage, and landing pages tailored to each state, maximizing campaign performance.

Our strategy also involved heavily emphasizing exact match and phrase match keywords to ensure ad spend was allocated to highly relevant keywords, thereby driving higher quality leads.


As a result of our campaign restructuring and testing, OPS Security Group witnessed remarkable success. In Q3 alone, they spent $32,881 on Google Ads and generated 387 leads, representing a significant 174% increase compared to the previous quarter. The cost per lead (CPL) averaged at $84. Among these leads, 102 were of exceptional quality, resulting in the closure of three deals and generating $437,000 in revenue for OPS. Considering the ad spend and our agency fee, this translated into a remarkable 10x return on investment (ROI).

Comparing the results to the previous quarter, OPS Security Group only generated $332,000 in revenue on an $18,000 ad spend, resulting in an 18x ROI. It is important to note that OPS typically experiences a 20% drop in revenue from Q2 to Q3. However, despite the drop in ROAS from 18x to 10x, OPS did not witness any decline in revenue. On the contrary, they experienced a remarkable 32% increase in revenue through Paid Search, demonstrating the effectiveness of our PPC management strategies.


Black Propeller’s PPC management services transformed OPS Security Group’s Google Ads campaigns, delivering outstanding results. Our segmentation and state targeting approach, coupled with optimized ad copy and landing pages, significantly improved lead quality and quantity. With a 10x ROI and a substantial increase in revenue, OPS Security Group is thrilled with the outcomes and eagerly continues to explore our strategies and recommendations to further enhance their performance and revenue through the Google Ads platform.

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OPS Security Group offers professional security guard service for businesses, communities, and executives across PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, and DC.


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