One Week Bath

Black Propeller’s PPC Management Services Drive High-Quality Leads and Revenue Growth for One Week Bath


One Week Bath, a luxury bathroom remodeling company based in Los Angeles, California, approached Black Propeller frustrated with their previous agency’s inability to deliver cost-effective and qualified leads. Despite their high-end offerings, their cost per lead was unreasonably high, and inefficiencies in their advertising account were left unaddressed.


One Week Bath’s initial goal was to increase both the volume and quality of leads while maintaining a cost per lead between $250 to $300. As conversion volume grew, the focus shifted towards optimizing the pass-through rate of these leads to increase revenue generation.


One Week Bath faced unique challenges due to the high cost of their minimum bathroom remodel starting at $20,000. Additionally, their previous agency failed to integrate data from Google Ads into their CRM system, HubSpot, requiring manual qualification of leads.


Upon onboarding One Week Bath, Black Propeller swiftly implemented a comprehensive account cleanup process. To enhance lead quality and increase pass-through rates, several crucial steps were taken. The team focused on implementing landing pages that underwent continuous A/B testing to optimize lead quality. Additionally, a budget drop-down feature was introduced to qualify customers based on their remodeling budget, while also setting expectations regarding the minimum cost of the remodel. Aesthetic enhancements and image improvements were made to ensure a visually engaging user experience. To automate lead qualification, HubSpot forms were created, enabling leads to populate in HubSpot with crucial source, campaign, keyword, and other relevant information. This streamlined the lead qualification process for both Google Ads and meta campaigns.


Black Propeller’s data-driven approach and strategic implementation produced outstanding results for One Week Bath. By integrating Google Ads and HubSpot, the team could track and analyze campaign performance effectively. In the last quarter alone, the campaign resulted in over $600,000 in qualified potential revenue, with some deals already closed successfully. Notably, the landing page optimizations led to a significant increase in the pass-through rate from the intake pipeline to the active pipeline. In November, the company experienced a $90,000 increase in closed revenue compared to the previous month, demonstrating the campaign’s strong impact on the bottom line.


Through Black Propeller’s meticulous account management, innovative landing page optimizations, and the seamless integration of Google Ads with HubSpot, One Week Bath witnessed a remarkable growth in high-quality leads and revenue. By addressing the specific challenges faced by the client and implementing a strategic PPC management strategy, Black Propeller was able to deliver exceptional results, driving success for One Week Bath in a competitive market.

About The Client

One Week Bath offers a rare, truly all-inclusive custom bathroom design & construction experience to turn your dream bathroom into reality.


Van Nuys, CA


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