Olde Wood Limited

Small Flooring Company Left “Floored” by Remarkable Increase In High-Quality Leads


When Olde Wood Limited approached us with its goals of increasing leads and revenue through paid advertising, we were determined to make a significant impact. They are a small business in the largely saturated flooring industry, and we faced the challenge of competing against larger national flooring corporations. However, through our strategic and tailored approach, we were able to overcome these obstacles and achieve remarkable success for Olde Wood Limited.


Upon analyzing Olde Wood Limited’s account, we identified areas that were performing well and eliminated those that were underperforming. By focusing on their core flooring products, reclaimed and wide plank floors, we were able to refine our target audience and ensure we were reaching the right clientele. Our goal was to maintain a cost per conversion under $100, which required careful monitoring and optimization of the account.

To strengthen the quality of our keywords and ad groups, we conducted extensive testing of new ad copy and keywords. This allowed us to control spending while progressively reintroducing previously paused keywords and products. Through our strategic approach, we continuously improved the effectiveness of our campaigns, driving better results for Olde Wood Limited.


Over the course of just over a year, the partnership between Black Propeller and Olde Wood Limited has yielded impressive results. The numbers speak for themselves:

1. Conversion Increase: We have achieved a remarkable year-over-year increase in conversions of over 120%, leading to a consistent flow of high-quality leads for Olde Wood Limited.

2. Cost Efficiency: Our relentless focus on optimization has resulted in an 8% drop in cost per conversion. By diligently monitoring and fine-tuning the account, we have successfully maintained the cost per conversion under $100, meeting our client’s goal.

3. Impression Growth: We have driven a 4% increase in impressions, effectively expanding Olde Wood Limited’s online visibility. This increased exposure has helped to capture more potential customers in the highly competitive flooring market.

4. Conversion Rate Improvement: The conversion rate of Olde Wood Limited’s campaigns has experienced a significant boost of 75%. This highlights our ability to attract the right audience and effectively persuade them to take action.


By implementing a strategic approach tailored to their unique challenges, we have increased overall conversions, reduced costs, and improved overall campaign performance. Through our consistent delivery of outstanding results over the course of a year-long partnership, we have earned the trust of Olde Wood Limited. As a testament to their satisfaction, they recently increased their monthly budget by $10,000. This decision has already proven fruitful, resulting in a 50% increase in qualified lead opportunities. We look forward to even more substantial gains for our partners at Olde wood Limited for years to come!

About The Client

Olde Wood Limited is one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of custom wide plank flooring and other unique reclaimed building materials.


Magnolia, OH




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