Flooring Company Sees 400% Increase MoM in
Leads Within First 60 Days on Meta


New Orleans Flooring is a flooring company located in South Louisiana with store locations in Metairie and Prairieville. They specialize in carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, luxury vinyl, waterproof, natural stone, and glass tile all at factory prices. In addition to their full range of products and attractive discounts, they offer other services like home installation on all flooring products.

They had previously worked with Black Propeller on their Google Ads and Microsoft Ads campaigns, but took a brief two month pause. When they re-started in January of 2023, paid social was added to expand their marketing efforts. The goal for all media channels was to organize campaigns, update landing pages, update creative assets, and ultimately drive qualified leads.

Since New Orleans Flooring hadn’t run ads on any Meta platforms before, there was no historical data to leverage. In addition, conversion and event tracking had not been set up yet, making the account brand new. By launching separate campaigns organized by store location and testing various Detailed Targeting Interests and Lookalike audiences, we were able to see immediate increases in traffic and leads in the first 30 days. By the 60 day mark post-launch, there was a staggering 400% increase in leads month over month.


  • Grow brand awareness and drive traffic to the landing page to support an omni-channel approach across search and social
  • Acquire leads (potential flooring customers) for both Metairie and Prairieville locations
  • Scale accounts where we’re seeing success


  • No historical data in Meta Ads account
  • No Meta pixel or conversion tracking implemented
  • Limited geographical targeting due to service area


To restart the partnership, the Black Propeller team met with the New Orleans Flooring team to re-establish goals, challenges, changes to the business, and changes to their advertising strategy since they last worked with Black Propeller. From there, the team identified a strong starting strategy on all channels and quickly worked to set-up conversion tracking in order to get the campaigns live.

On Meta, the Black Propeller Team separated the account into two campaigns, one for each location. From here they could control the budget, test various Detailed Targeting Interests and Lookalike audiences, and scale the campaigns all based on location. Utilizing Meta interest targeting was key as they narrowed the targeting to go after homeowners and flooring interests such as: carpet, tile, hardwood flooring, etc. The team also used a custom audience list of previous customers to create a 3% Lookalike audience to help build account data.

On the landing page and creative side, the team introduced and optimized a conversion rate optimized landing page where the only action a consumer could take was filling out the lead form. This was more impactful than sending the potential customer to the main website where they had the opportunity to get distracted or exit the page. For Meta creatives, the team tested static images, text overlay images, GIFs, and sales language, switching in new creative regularly to keep the overall engagement high since it is a small geographical radius.


In February 2023, the Black Propeller team set up accurate conversion tracking, built new campaigns, created new ads, and launched a new landing page for the initial launch on Meta Ads. It quickly became clear that the Meta campaigns were driving increased interest in New Orleans Flooring as leads in the branded campaign on Google increased 1,013% and cost per lead dropped by 20%. These results not only prove that Meta is a successful platform for New Orleans Flooring to advertise on, but also that Meta advertising directly benefits New Orleans Flooring’s holistic marketing efforts.

Due to the initial success, the Black Propeller team was given the green light to start scaling the Meta campaigns given the increase in traffic and overall leads. Over a 30 day period, spend was increased gradually by 78% across both campaigns depending on their performance. With the increase in spend, the team saw a 400% increase in lead volume compared to the previous 30 days and saw a 64% decrease in Cost Per Lead. The Black Propeller team has continued to scale the Meta campaigns and given the volume of website traffic, has also been able to launch a remarketing strategy to better support the client’s goals.

New Orleans Flooring is a flooring company located in South Louisiana.

Metairie, LA


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