Black Propeller Boosts MyHotTub’s Revenue with Strategic PPC Management


As a leading PPC management agency, Black Propeller takes pride in delivering exceptional results for our clients. In this case study, we will delve into our successful partnership with MyHotTub, a direct-to-consumer hot tub and spa retailer. Facing challenges with their previous agency, MyHotTub approached us with the goal of boosting their sales and establishing a consistent and effective PPC strategy.

MyHotTub provides customers with high-quality hot tubs and spas without upcharges typically associated with box stores. By offering direct sales, they aimed to pass on significant savings to their customers. However, their previous agency lacked effective strategy, organization, and consistency in their advertising efforts.


Our collaboration with MyHotTub revolved around achieving three primary goals:

  1. Establishing Consistency: MyHotTub aimed to create consistency within their shopping campaigns, ensuring a uniform and coherent advertising strategy and predictable weekly results.
  2. Sales Growth: They aspired to generate at least $50,000 in hot tub sales per week, a significant milestone they had never reached before.
  3. Promotion Calendar: MyHotTub desired a consistent promotional calendar to drive sales during key holidays and events.


MyHotTub faced several challenges that hindered their advertising success. These included:

  1. Historically Low Revenue: The client had never achieved the desired $50,000 in ads revenue per week, posing a significant challenge for our team.
  2. Intense Competition: MyHotTub faced stiff competition from other online retailers selling similar hot tubs and spas, making it vital for us to differentiate their brand and stand out in the market.
  3. Tracking Limitations: Inaccurate tracking of ROAS due to the inability to track sales that originated from phone calls hindered our ability to optimize campaigns effectively.
  4. Checkout Experience: The client’s website had limitations, making it difficult to adjust or test without substantial financial investment, resulting in a suboptimal checkout experience.


To overcome these challenges and drive significant improvement, Black Propeller implemented a comprehensive strategy:

  1. In-depth Audit: We conducted a thorough audit of MyHotTub’s website, identifying areas for conversion rate optimization (CRO). This led to the discovery of a duplicated step on the mobile checkout page, which was rectified promptly by their team when notified.
  2. Campaign Restructuring: Leveraging historical performance data, we restructured the performance max campaigns. High-performing products were grouped together in the same campaign with the largest budget, ensuring maximum exposure and ROI.
  3. Enhanced Tracking: Working closely with the client, we implemented a robust revenue tracking system. This allowed us to accurately identify and attribute phone call orders, their associated revenue, and the campaign that triggered the call. By incorporating this data into Google Ads, we could optimize campaigns more effectively.
  4. Checkout Optimization: To enhance the checkout experience, we collaborated with the client to install the Affirm checkout system. This streamlined the purchasing process and tailored their experience to a target demographic that was discovered within our audit.
  5. Promotion Calendar: We created a well-planned promotion calendar aligned with key holidays and events, ensuring consistent sales boosts throughout the year.
  6. Keyword Optimization: By rewriting top-performing product titles, we incorporated additional keywords to improve visibility and relevance in search results.


Our strategic approach and diligent execution delivered outstanding results for MyHotTub:

  1. Impressive Revenue Growth: Within just one month, we achieved a remarkable 47% increase in overall revenue, surpassing our client’s expectations.
  2. Ads Revenue Surge: Our efforts led to a commendable 72% increase in ads revenue, indicating the effectiveness of our targeted campaigns.
  3. Enhanced ROAS: We successfully elevated the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from 3.1 to an impressive 5.3, providing MyHotTub with a substantial boost in profitability.
  4. Consistent Sales Goal Achievement: We exceeded the client’s target of $50,000 in sales per week for two consecutive weeks, paving the way for sustained growth.
  5. Record-Breaking Month: MyHotTub experienced their highest revenue-generating month ever, a testament to our ongoing optimization efforts.
  6. Continuous Improvement: Quarter over quarter, we achieved an overall ROAS increase from 2.8 to 4.8 through consistent testing and budget optimization.


While our partnership with MyHotTub has yielded exceptional results, our work is far from over. We continue to explore further iterations of product title descriptions, conduct A/B tests for promotion copy, and refine the checkout experience. Our client is delighted with the progress made in just three months, and we eagerly anticipate achieving even greater success together in the future.

Black Propeller’s expertise in PPC management, coupled with our meticulous approach, has empowered MyHotTub to surpass their sales goals and achieve unprecedented revenue growth. By implementing a comprehensive strategy and continuously optimizing campaigns, we have helped our client establish a strong online presence and maximize their return on investment. If you’re seeking a trusted partner to elevate your PPC performance, contact Black Propeller today.

About The Client is a manufacturer of high quality hot tubs selling direct to consumer at affordable prices.


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