Happy Jack

Reputable Pet Product Brand Sees Boost In Online & In-Store Engagement Through Unconventional PPC Strategy


Happy Jack, a renowned manufacturer of effective animal health products, approached Black Propeller with the goal of increasing traffic to their retailers’ online storefronts and physical stores. While Happy Jack primarily sold their products through online marketplaces like Amazon and physical retail locations such as Tractor Supply Co. and Ace Hardware, they wanted to measure user engagement and track outbound website clicks to see how visitors interacted with their website before making a purchase.


The main challenge we faced was the lack of complete visibility into user actions after they clicked through Happy Jack’s website. We needed to find alternative methods to measure conversions and assess user intent when directing traffic to targeted retail locations, especially with Tractor Supply Co. being one of their elite retailers.


We devised a unique and unconventional PPC strategy to overcome the tracking limitations. We decided to focus on actions that could be measured on Happy Jack’s website and to drive high-quality, high-intent traffic with a strong outbound click-through rate to the retailers’ websites. Custom conversion actions were implemented to track outbound link clicks leading to the retailer websites, enabling us to identify which retailers were attracting the most clicks.

To drive traffic to physical store locations, we leaned on Google’s Affiliate Location network. By creating an Affiliate Location Extension feed of Tractor Supply Co. stores, we could measure Store Visit conversions, tracking users who clicked on our ads and later visited one of the store locations. We refined our targeting by curating a list of Tractor Supply Co. store city and zip code locations where Happy Jack products were sold, allowing us to focus ad spend more effectively in areas with target customers in proximity to a retail location.

We executed this strategy through running Paid Search campaigns containing exact match keywords targeting specific search queries related to Happy Jack’s products like “flea and tick shampoo for dogs” and “dog mange treatment.” By further segmenting the campaigns by each individual product and product category, we could measure performance at the product level.


Our unconventional PPC strategy delivered meaningful and measurable results for Happy Jack, enhancing their visibility, brand recognition, and overall performance in both the ecommerce and brick-and-mortar spaces. The outcomes achieved were as follows:

1. A 105% increase in Store Visit conversions over a 5-month period for locations in the Affiliate Location Feed.
2. An average click-through rate (CTR) of over 10% across all Paid Search campaigns, indicating a strong engagement with the ads.
3. An average outbound link conversion rate of 3.77%, demonstrating the effectiveness of driving users to the retailer websites.
4. Paid Search emerged as Happy Jack’s top traffic channel, responsible for generating 73% of new users in Google Analytics over a 5-month period.
5. The Paid Search campaigns generated approximately 62% of all total outbound click conversions across all channels, indicating their significant impact on driving traffic to the retailers.

About The Client

Since 1946, Happy Jack has manufactured high quality, effective animal health products for dogs, cats and horses.


Snow Hill, NC


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