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Driving Luxury Car Rental Revenue to New Heights with Black Propeller’s PPC Management Services


As a luxury car rental and chauffeur service provider in Los Angeles, Falcon Car Rental aimed to scale and achieve a revenue milestone of over $100,000 per month through their Google Ads account. However, they faced significant challenges as their previous revenue record stood at just over $42,000 in a month. With a limited set of bottom-of-funnel keywords and unsuccessful attempts to find new opportunities, Falcon Car Rental turned to Black Propeller to steer their Google ads account towards achieving this goal.


Leveraging our expertise and creativity, we devised a multi-faceted Performance Max campaign strategy to revitalize Falcon Car Rental’s Google Ads account. We introduced two separate Performance Max campaigns, one tailored to the local Los Angeles market and the other targeting customers nationwide. To engage high-intent audiences, we utilized compelling image and video assets and tapped into segments such as previous customers, purchaser email lists, Google In-Market, and Affinity audiences interested in “Trips to Los Angeles” and “Luxury, Convertible & Specialty Car Rental.” Knowing the luxury-seeking nature of our target customers, we further refined our campaign by incorporating custom audiences based on search terms and websites of prominent luxury hotels and vacation rentals within Falcon Car Rental’s service area.

By using these assets and audience signals in our local Performance Max campaign, we could maximize awareness and generate local interest and demand around Falcon Car Rental’s immediate service area. With the national Performance Max campaign, we aimed to simultaneously generate interest and demand outside of Los Angeles by targeting all states (excluding California to avoid overlap with the local campaign) to further expand our reach to users across the United States that shared the same intent of traveling to Los Angeles and looking for luxury vehicle rentals.


Within the first month of implementing our strategy, Falcon Car Rental experienced a surge in purchases and revenue directly from our Performance Max campaigns. Not only did we surpass the ambitious goal of $100,000 in revenue, but we generated over $110,000 in sales from Google Ads alone! The success of our Performance Max campaigns also extended to Falcon Car Rental’s Branded and Non-Branded paid search campaigns, which witnessed remarkable increases in revenue.

Here Are The Key Results We Delivered:

1. Performance Max Campaigns:

– 22% of additional total revenue generated came directly from our Performance Max campaigns, proving their effectiveness in driving conversions.

2. Branded Search Campaign:

– The Branded search campaign experienced an astonishing 858% increase in revenue month-over-month, accounting for 46% of the total revenue generated. This exceptional growth can be attributed to our strategic targeting and engaging ad creatives.

3. Non-Brand Search Campaigns:

– The Non-Brand search campaigns saw a remarkable 113% increase in month-over-month revenue, contributing 32% of the total revenue generated. This surge in performance reflects how we were able to effectively reach and convert new customers searching for Falcon Car Rental’s service offerings.

Furthermore, while our efforts resulted in a 39% increase in Google Ads spend through scaling our campaigns, the account-wide cost per conversion only rose by 14%. This cost efficiency was complemented by a significant 125% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS), which reached an impressive 9.00.


By implementing innovative strategies, including Performance Max campaigns and targeted audience segments, we not only helped Falcon Car Rental surpass their revenue goal but also witnessed substantial growth across their Branded and Non-Branded paid search campaigns. Our ability to scale spend, segment our campaigns to a local and national level, all while maintaining cost efficiency with an exceptional ROAS further highlights the success of our partnership with Falcon Car Rental.

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Falcon Car Rental offers an exclusive fleet of exotic and luxury vehicles that can be rented by the day, week or month.


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