Ekstrom Carlson

30% Revenue Increase by Revitalizing Stagnant Campaigns


Ekstrom Carlson offers top of the line industrial products and services, including but not limited to specialty endmills, form tools, spindle repair, and custom motors. After experiencing a plateau in performance and lack of initiative from their previous agency, it was imperative to their business growth to seek out a PPC agency with strong proven strategies on scaling campaigns within a niche industry.


  • Revitalize stagnant campaigns that contained outdated practices
  • Decrease wasted spend on clicks from unqualified traffic & hone in on keywords driving revenue
  • Scale and increase performance across top 3 services


  • Over 15 different campaigns running & years of historical data to analyze
  • Niche Industry that team needed to quickly learn and understand
  • Incorrect implementation of conversion tracking


In order to achieve the client’s primary goal to scale efficiently and see revenue growth, a long term plan with segmented short term initiatives was necessary. The previous strategy consisted of running a large pool of keywords on broad match modified in order to capture enough search volume to provide business opportunities. We decided to tackle the campaigns that had the highest profit margin first. Through working with other clients within niche industries, we knew turning off broad match keywords entirely was a risk. We took a binary approach, through analyzing all searches that had converted and adding them as long tail keywords, but also keeping the existing broad match keywords. We now had new long tail keywords that we would have more control over, but also maintained existing volume under a tighter schedule of reviewing searches and excluding irrelevant queries.

After two weeks, we were confident that our changes were effective as we did not see a drop in conversions, and the exclusion of wasted spend from poor performing keywords made room for our new exact match long tail keywords. We began our second stage, a conversion rate optimized landing page. We paid very close attention to the strategy for our landing page, as oftentimes niche industries have intricacies that are hard to know unless you are a part of the community. We knew the type and breadth of information on the page would be critical to our conversion rate. The new page provided a clear path of information to a single conversion point, however we chose to include mention of the other services provided as well, but without the ability to engage in a deeper level as users had been able to do previously. From our market research, we reasoned that our audience would have greater confidence in a brand that has knowledge and authority in multiple service areas, even though they were searching for one service specifically. We tested this theory and found that the page that included mention of Ekstrom Carlson’s full capabilities performed at a higher level than a highly specific page.

We carried out this testing and scaling strategy throughout the entire account, creating two more landing pages and optimizing and scaling all campaigns.


In the first month of our partnership with Ekstrom Carlson, they saw a 30% increase in revenue quarter over quarter. At the end of year review it was reported that they experienced 20% revenue growth over the previous year, and suspected without our efforts they would have seen diminished returns. Our efforts not only provided immediate revenue growth, but the lifetime value of customers from Google increased, as the quality of leads had also improved.

Due to the increased performance, we were able to accomplish our second goal of scaling advertising by expanding our budgets on both Google and Microsoft Ads. We discovered that Microsoft Ads has highly qualified audiences within Ekstrom Carlson’s industry, and is an incredible opportunity for growth.

With the completion of the previously mentioned goals, we were also able to branch out our advertising efforts to not yet explored services, increasing opportunity for additional revenue streams.

About The Client

Ekstrom Carlson offers top of the line industrial products and services, including but not limited to specialty endmills, form tools, spindle repair, and custom motors.


Rockford, IL




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