Base Camp Leasing

Hunting Land Lease Provider Sees Incredible Year-Over-Year Increase in Leads


Base Camp Leasing approached Black Propeller over 2 years ago to help them increase their quantity and quality of landowner leads so they could continue to provide access to prime hunting land to their network of hunters and members. Over the course of our 2 year partnership, we’ve been able to scale and grow their leads on both Google Ads and Meta Ads to never-before-seen performance.


When we first started working with Base Camp Leasing, their account structure and campaigns were optimized for membership signups and purchases, not landowner leads.This meant there would be a significant learning curve to optimize for lead volume across all of their platforms. Within a short period of time, their Meta Ads came out to be a top driver of quality leads at an incredibly healthy cost per lead (CPL). However, their Google Ads campaigns were struggling to scale landowner leads efficiently. Despite months of testing, including Display and YouTube campaigns targeting affinity audiences, we were only seeing single-digit lead conversions and a CPL over 10x higher than Meta Ads.


To overcome these challenges, we decided to shift our focus to high-intent keywords related to landowners searching for ways to lease their land and earn money from it. We highlighted Base Camp Leasing’s value proposition of earning passive income from leasing hunting rights in our ad copy, including the average monetary value Base Camp Leasing landowners see on a yearly basis. With only a small monthly budget, we focused on high-intent search campaigns targeting keywords like “how to lease land for hunting” and “lease land for hunting” in separate, regionally focused campaigns.

While there were not many competitors within Base Camp Leasing’s target market, we picked a select few closely related competitors to target in a separate Competitor campaign targeting their brands as keywords. This allowed us to capture additional traffic from people already looking for companies closely related to Base Camp Leasing.

Additionally, we worked closely with the Base Camp Leasing team to help them optimize their website pages for better conversion rates. This included testing different form types, adding value propositions above the fold, and fine-tuning landing page elements.


With our revised strategy, we led Base Camp Leasing’s Paid Search to their most successful year yet! We generated incredible year over year improvements in the following areas:

  • 224% increase in landowner leads
  • 74% decrease in cost per lead, reducing the CPL range to average between $200-$300
  • Average of 20 leads per month, a 3x higher monthly average than 2022
  • Our competitor campaign targeting competitor brands as keywords outperformed other campaigns, generating the highest volume of landowner leads.
  • 324% increase in lead conversion rate as a result of web page optimizations


2023 was the most successful year yet in generating landowner leads for Base Camp Leasing across both Google Ads and Meta Ads. While we faced persistent challenges over the course of our 2 year partnership, our diligence in taking as many areas as possible into account for their strategy is what helped us ultimately achieve success that continues to grow to this day!

About The Client

Base Camp Leasing provides hunters with access to prime hunting land through a network of reputable landowners.


Fishers, IN




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