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AROCON provides roofing and home improvement services across Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware. Their CEO describes the business as “Not just another roofing company”- and they have the product to back that up.

Their Roof & Gutter Tune-Up service is a completely unique product in the roofing market and is designed to replace the standalone roof repair or replacement. AROCON’s Tune-Up service can be a one-time service, or customers can opt-in to their quarterly Roof Tune-Up subscription to ensure their roof is maintained year round.


  • Double the volume of Tune-Up leads in the first 60 days and scale campaigns to maximum profitability
  • Lower cost-per-conversion to $100 per lead.
  • Increase the volume of leads in the D.C. and Virginia markets.


  • Because AROCON’s Roof Tune-Up is still a new and relatively unknown product, keywords like “roof tune-up” had no search volume. In order to generate the leads that our client was hoping for, we needed to get performance from keywords like “roof repair” and “roof company.”
  • AROCON had a long history with PPC prior to Black Propeller being brought on, but the account needed major reorganization.


We wanted proof of concept that running ads for a Roof Tune-Up could produce results for broad roofing keywords, so initially we kept the keyword group small and focused on core keywords of roof repair.

We built a landing page with a clear call-to-action and messaging that demonstrated the benefits of this unique Tune-Up service. Once the Tune-Up ads launched, we quickly started to see results. The offer of our ads was so compelling that our click-through-rate doubled almost immediately. Armed with the confidence that our ads were performing well, we slowly started implementing broader keywords like “roofing” and “roofing company”.


The results were frankly astonishing. Leads doubled, then tripled, then quadrupled in a matter of weeks. Once we reached maximum volume with our core keywords, we expanded into different types of campaigns, including a competitor campaign and an RLSA campaign- both of which yielded similar, but favorable results.

This account benefited from a major rebuild using the strategies outlined above, but the biggest game-changer was running an unconventional ad with a great offer in a sea of generic ads. While our competition used platitudes like “#1 Roofing Company”, our ads cut through the noise and got straight to the point by focusing on the offer and the value to the consumer like “Double the life of your roof.” Moral of the story: Sometimes unconventional wins.

AROCON Testimonial

We’re in a record-breaking year. I attribute this success to Black Propeller because we don’t use any other media outlets apart from billboards. They have come to the table and done what they said they would do.”
Nicole Hearn, Marketing Manager

AROCON is Roofing company that is changing the roofing game with a unique approach we carefully crafted brand.

Westminster, MD


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