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How We Leveraged AI To Drive Cost Efficiency And Volume For Local Window Tinting Company


A while back, we wrote a case study on how we drove a 300% year-over-year increase in Meta leads for a window tinting company, Tint My Ride. But now, we had a new tool in our toolbelt to help optimize our Google Ads campaigns for this same client. In a current marketing world where AI is poking its head into everything, we wanted to embrace this technology to see just how much value it could provide to our team and to our client. That’s where we brought in our partners at Pixis, who’s Performance AI platform is built for using advanced AI modeling to achieve cost efficiency and scale for PPC campaigns. Keep reading to see how we leveraged this advanced AI platform to deliver impressive results!

Challenges: Embracing AI for Autonomous Optimizations

Implementing AI-driven optimizations through Pixis’ Performance AI posed initial concerns for our team. As a predominantly hands-on company, the prospect of allowing an AI platform to make autonomous changes and optimizations, alongside Google’s spending fluctuations, raised concerns about how the campaigns would spend their budgets, as well as the impact on lead volume and cost per lead metrics.

Strategy: A Conservative Approach for Optimal Results

To address these concerns, we took a conservative approach while integrating the Pixis AI platform. We set specific guardrails to ensure a controlled environment by only implementing AI models on campaigns running Maximize Conversions bid strategies in order to limit campaign exposure. Additionally, we implemented a frequency cap, allowing the AI model to make budget changes only every 5 days. These precautionary measures, accompanied by high-level human oversight, provided us with enough time to assess changes, revert if necessary, and correct course if any negative performance impacts were observed.

Results: Unleashing the Power of Pixis’ Performance AI

The implementation of Pixis’ Performance AI platform yielded impressive outcomes for Tint My Ride, showcasing just how effective these advanced AI models can be at driving cost efficiency.

  1. In our Window Tinting service campaigns, we saw the following results:
    – Cost decreased by 8%
    – Window tint leads increased by 34%
    – Cost per lead decreased by 31%
  2. Also, in our Paint Protection Film (PPF) service campaigns::
    – Cost decreased by 18%
    – PPF service leads increased by 77%
    – Cost per lead decreased by 53%

Moreover, these remarkable results were achieved without any losses in impression or conversion volume in either set of campaigns. The average cost per click (CPC) across all campaigns decreased by 18-19%, further highlighting the effectiveness and efficiency of the Pixis AI platform


While we were skeptical at letting an AI-driven platform take hold of our well-intact Google Ads campaigns, we successfully capitalized on the power of AI-driven automation to achieve remarkable results for a local business like Tint My Ride. Through strategic implementation and human oversight, we significantly decreased costs while increasing leads and reducing the cost per lead metrics for two of Tint My Ride’s major sources of leads and revenue.

If you’re looking to achieve some of these same results for your business with the perfect blend of human expertise and AI-driven advancement, Black Propeller is the partner you can trust.

About The Client

Tint My Ride is a premier automotive shop offering window tinting, paint protective films (PPF), vehicle wraps, and detailing.


Denver, CO




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