Engage Your Audience With Google Ads For YouTube

Each day, internet users consume more than one billion hours of YouTube videos and upload almost half a million hours of video. Per day. YouTube is owned by Google, and it’s actually the second largest search engine, surpassed only by Google itself. Google has search engine advertising on lock, so it’s not surprising that YouTube has become one of the most influential advertising platforms as well.

YouTube’s massive reach makes it a powerful digital advertising tool. It also makes it easy to waste money on irrelevant video views. A YouTube advertising company will make sure your ads are showing to your best audiences to maximize the impact of your marketing spend.

Tell Your Story

What’s the quickest way to share the personality and “feel” of your brand? That’s right, Video!

Video ads combine audio, text, and visuals to tell a robust story in seconds.

Video advertising is memorable, shareable, and engaging. Because it’s paid advertising, you don’t have to wait for people to find your content.

You’ll reach customers no matter how large or small your channel is.

Types of YouTube Video Ads

We’ll help you choose the best types of YouTube ads to tell your story. We have experience producing ROI with all YouTube ad formats:

  • In-stream ads
  • Video discovery ads
  • Outstream ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Masthead ads

You’ll receive expert guidance on YouTube video ad specs, lengths, and best practices to ensure all of your campaigns are successful.

What Makes Our Video Advertising Services So Effective?

Link YouTube to Google Ads & Google Analytics

We make sure every click and conversion from YouTube is tracked in Google Ads and Google Analytics. We use this detailed data to optimize ads, budgets, targeting, and other aspects of your campaigns. You’ll receive transparent reporting on video ad performance — no more wondering whether your video ads are worth the spend.


YouTube ads targeting works like Display Network targeting. We research and build the most impactful audiences for your business, which may include:

  • Detailed demographics
  • Affinity audiences
  • In-market audiences
  • Custom affinity & custom intent
  • Video remarketing
  • Placements on specific videos or channels
  • Video topics

And plenty more. We manually manage your audience targeting to maximize ROI.

Video Production

We assist with content creation and video editing to improve ad quality and effectiveness. We can help guide video content pre-production, and optimize videos before and after upload.

Cost-Effective Advertising

What’s the cost of advertising on YouTube? Done right, YouTube ads are incredibly cost-effective, especially if you already have promotion-ready videos on your YouTube channel. Don’t have a YouTube channel? We can help you set one up and assist with producing impactful video ads.