Valet Living

130% increase in conversion volume
with no additional spend


Valet Living is the only nationally-recognized full service amenities provider to the multifamily housing industry. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to develop a strong PPC strategy in house, and a lack of clear and concise performance data from their previous agency, they knew seeking a PPC agency with a proven track record was imperative.


  • Develop a strong lead generation strategy that would provide consistent opportunities for sales team
  • Decrease wasted spend on clicks from employees and residents
  • Understand the true cost per acquisition


  • Previous strategies had been awareness focused and there was a lack of historical data to determine a baseline for lead generation performance
  • Majority of their ads budget was used by residents and employee traffic
  • Conversion tracking had been set up incorrectly and the results within Google Ads did not match their CRM data


Our team was able to immediately recognize and correct key flaws within the current campaign structure. We began by implementing extremely accurate conversion tracking and eliminating any tracking that was counting unmeaningful user behavior as conversions. We developed a long term strategy that focused on honing in on acquiring qualified traffic only, providing a controlled and optimized conversion path, and setting up systems in order to track and reflect on results quarter over quarter.

The client historically had struggled with current residents and employees clicking on ads and depleting their ad budget intended for new business opportunities. We knew this would be an ongoing battle and kept that at the forefront of our strategy.

We created robust search campaigns that utilized bottom of funnel keywords in tightly themed ad groups. These keywords were well-defined for the services that property managers were seeking. We coupled these highly targeted campaigns with the exclusion of Google Analytics audiences created based on user behavior that signaled a high likelihood of resident or employee status.


Keeping the client’s key pain point at the forefront of our minds and predetermining performance reflection checkpoints throughout our long term strategy was monumental in the success of our campaigns. Through this highly advanced strategy we were able to eliminate over 7,500 potential wasted resident clicks a month. This change resulted in a 130% increase in conversion volume with no additional spend, as eliminating this traffic allowed our ads to reach the intended qualified audience.

Subsequently this increase in qualified traffic reaching a conversion optimized landing page our design team created was a recipe for success. Not only did we see the increase in conversion volume, the number of qualified vs. unqualified leads increased 200% in comparison to leads coming through the previous agency’s campaigns.

The consistent and qualified lead generation that Black Propeller’s campaigns provided, coupled with UTM tracking and accurate conversion data allowed us to achieve our client’s goal of clearly understanding where the most qualified leads are generated, and the true cost per acquisition for a business opportunity.

About The Client

Valet Living is setting the standard in premium home-related amenity services.


Tampa, FL


Multi-Family Housing


PPC Management