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Tactical Gear Junkie sells quality tactical gear equipment and specializes in their own line of morale patches, emblems, name tapes, and insignia. They also offer custom patches where they will create a patch you design, any shape and any size with no artwork fees or order minimums. They pride themselves in their prices being better than industry standards and most importantly, making their patches in-house and in the USA. We were hired to manage, enhance and grow their existing PPC campaigns and SEO marketing.

Their search campaigns contained broad keywords such as “patches” and “name tapes” which put them up against many companies that only produce patches and all types of patches, not just morale or military. Their strategy also consisted of radius targeting around major military bases in efforts to target a better audience. All campaigns were set to automated bidding strategies and also contained dynamic ad groups and ads which limited their control. Their Facebook campaigns had little structure and many unlayered and random interests jammed into one detailed targeting audience. The same campaign had been running for months and adding new ads periodically were the only changes made.


  • Increase ecommerce sales while keeping cost per conversion at a minimum and remaining profitable
  • Add campaigns that drive custom patch quotes
  • Optimize and scale current campaigns


  • The industry is competitive, there are many large patch companies that manufacture and sell a wider selection of patches
  • The current campaigns were fairly successful so we needed to build and expand on their current strategy without losing momentum
  • Automated settings needed to be changed so that we could gain more control which affects how Google delivers, bids and optimizes and therefore, could change performance


We started by changing the bidding strategies to Manual CPC and adding single keyword ad groups and long-tail keywords that were much more specific and accurate to what users were searching for. As a result, conversions began to increase and costs became lower. Overtime, we eventually moved away from the broad keywords and focused more on product related keywords. We also created separate campaigns for name tapes, custom patches and stock patches to break out the different product categories and services.

In Facebook, the first priority was creating and launching more compelling ads as they were running generic primary text and headlines that were populated from the website. We then began A/B testing different audiences, campaign goals, ad types, and ad creative. We also implemented remarketing campaigns that moved potential customers further down the funnel by capturing them and serving specific ads if they visited the site, visited the custom patch quote page without converting, or added products to their cart but did not place an order.


The campaign results increased gradually within the first few months. We constantly analyzed data and made small changes at a time to avoid throwing performance off. To our surprise, one of the patch campaigns did not take off when we rebuilt with a Manual CPC bidding strategy and removed the dynamic ad groups. Although automated bidding strategies and dynamic ad groups are not ideal to us, we went back to what worked and re-enabled their old campaign because “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” After making optimizations, performance advanced and we were able to expand to 10 more states and scale the budget up by 400%. Conversions maintained a positive trend with these expansions.

After conducting many Facebook tests, we were able to find and perfect an audience that was successful and more profitable than ever before. Facebook quickly took the lead and started to generate more results and sales than Google. We found that there was a lot of opportunity in Facebook to be more creative and promote new patches and products that were coming in constantly.

After 5 months, we broke Tactical Gear Junkie’s monthly sales record and are projected to come close to doubling our previous month sales for April 2020 while in the midst of a global pandemic. Tactical Gear Junkie also doubled their advertising budget and has started expanding their advertising into higher price point products and gear in addition to their prosperous patches.

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Tactical Gear Junkie is a leading e-commerce retailer of unique custom patches, apparel and high-end tactical gear.


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