Shade Pro Case Study

Campaign Restructure Leads to Staggering
548% Increase in Revenue


With over 40 years of RV sun and shade control experience, ShadePro has become an industry leader in price, quality, and customer service. Shade Pro not only provides value, but also very high quality products that are second to none. These products range in variety from RV awnings, RV awning replacement fabric, RV dash covers, RV windshield covers, screen rooms, vista shades for RVs & much more.

The RV accessories industry is a competitive one, but what separates ShadePro from their competitors is not only their top tier customer service & products, but their installation services.

Before coming to Black Propeller, ShadePro was using another agency to run their PPC ads but their ROAS was consistently lower than their goal of 5x. When they came to Black Propeller, we dug deep and found the root of what was causing them to fall short of their goals, and we developed a plan to course correct.


  • Get ROAS to 5x within the first 3 months
  • Increase sales of products with the highest profit margin through Performance Max campaigns
  • Scale revenue by +20% in the first 3 months


  • The Performance Max campaigns were structured in ways that pushed spend toward ShadePro’s least profitable products.
  • There was no cohesive audience strategy in use, which caused historical learnings to be ineffective in current campaigns.
  • There were no campaigns set up for installations. Local installations are a huge part of ShadePro’s business, so not running ads for this valuable revenue driver was problematic.
  • Broad match keywords were being heavily used, causing the search campaigns to spend on keywords that had no relevance to the business. Heavy keyword cleanup + research was needed to restructure search.


Our strategy was to restructure the account with the intention of making sure that we pushed spend into ShadePro’s most profitable products & relevant keywords that would help lower CPCs & improve CVR.
To improve spend allocation on the most profitable products, we restructured the entire account. We created campaigns targeting Awnings Fabrics, another one targeting Complete Awnings, & another for Vista Shades. On top of these product focused campaigns, we re-structured a Performance Max campaign to be a “catch all” for the remaining products. This way, we covered all the bases while maintaining control over the spend to the top products.

In each campaign, we allocated audiences of previous purchasers for the designated product we were targeting in that campaign, so Google could then use it to find similar customers. This is how we were able to reoptimize the learnings in the account and find ideal customers for ShadePro.

For the Search campaigns, we converted all keywords into Exact & Phrase match to eliminate bidding on irrelevant keywords. We also eliminated keywords that had high CPCs and low ROAS, to control costs. In addition to switching match types, we layered in new keywords that we found were relevant and that could help bring in more conversions.


Since making these changes, ShadePro saw a tremendous +107% increase in ROAS (8.59) & +548% increase in Revenue ($739,682). We were also able to spend $86k which was a +212% increase vs Q1. Most importantly, the folks at ShadePro have seen a noticeable increase in overall revenue to their store & are very happy that they are more profitable now than they were to start the year. This means there is more ability to scale the account and continue growing the business.

About The Client

ShadePro Inc. provides the highest-quality RV awning shades, fabrics, and accessories.


Spring Valley, CA




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