Sedano's Supermarkets

Grocery Store Chain Leverages Social Advertising
to Increase Awareness and Drive Sales


Founded in 1962, Sedano’s started as a neighborhood grocery store in Hialeah, Florida. Since then, Sedano’s has grown to serve diverse communities in Florida with 34 grocery store locations. For over 60 years, Sedano’s has provided its customers with Latin products that bring back the tastes of their homeland.

Sedano’s previously utilized Meta advertising in-house, while running low spend campaigns. During this time, a plethora of roadblocks inhibited the efforts to really thrive in the Meta advertising space. In hopes to increase Online Pickup and Delivery order volume, Sedano’s teamed up with Black Propeller in March 2022.

At the beginning of the partnership, Black Propeller set out to build strategies to reach Sedano’s goals with an omni-channel approach. Throughout the following months, multiple initiatives were launched to build out a full funnel from brand awareness to completed purchases.


  • Utilize Meta efforts to drive Online Pickup and Delivery sales
  • Increase brand awareness and recall by expanding paid social efforts to Nextdoor
  • Reach new and existing customers through Prospecting and Remarketing campaigns
  • Solidify conversion tracking to obtain accurate data


  • No historical data ad account
  • No prior campaigns in the ad account
  • Inaccurate conversion tracking


First, the Black Propeller team sat down with the Sedano’s Supermarkets team to get an in-depth brief on their business, goals, and current advertising efforts. From there, the Black Propeller team met internally to solidify an omni-channel advertising approach across all platforms.

Following a period of ad collaboration, a series of awareness, prospecting, remarketing, and promotional campaigns for both Spanish and English demographics were rolled out on Meta. New customers were captured through the prospecting and promotional campaigns, then pushed down the funnel and retargeted with remarketing campaigns. As various Holidays and store-specific promotions arose, the two teams closely worked together to plan and launch multiple initiatives.

The Black Propeller team worked together internally to discover solutions to Sedano’s ongoing conversion tracking challenges. Using custom conversions and a third-party integration, the team was able to fix the conversion tracking issues and begin collecting accurate data to utilize in future optimizations.

In order to acquire new customers and increase brand awareness, we expanded our efforts to the platform Nextdoor. Due to the platform’s unique customer base, the team relied on Sedano’s deep-rooted neighborhood history to establish credibility and scale performance.

Constant demographic testing, as well as industry research, allowed the Black Propeller team to make necessary adjustments to the strategy in order to capitalize on driving Online Pickup and Delivery purchases.


In March 2022, we revived the Meta Ad Account. Within the first 90 days, awareness and online ordering campaigns were launched. We used the first 90 days as a benchmark to compare future performance data, as there was no previous data in the account. During the following 90 days (3-6 months after launch), with increased spend, purchase volume increased by 648.7%.

Throughout the entire account build, our team created both Spanish and English audiences, ad copy, and creative to have the most impact with our target market. With custom creative and ad copy translated by native speakers, our ads resonated with the Sedano’s community and we were able to generate click-through rates well above the national average (1.17%), and cost per clicks well below the national average ($0.36).

Prior to Fall 2022, both the Sedano’s and Black Propeller teams met in order to strategize and align goals in advance of the upcoming holiday season. The holiday initiatives included Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year’s. All of these initiatives proved to be extremely successful, driving over 2,000 purchases at a $4.25 cost per purchase (Promotions Campaign: October 1 – December 31, 2022).

About The Client

Sedano’s Supermarkets is the nation’s largest Hispanic retailer and Hispanic-owned supermarket chain.


Miami, FL




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