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Black Propeller’s PPC Management Drives Stellar Results for Rosenblum Law’s Criminal Defense Campaign


At Black Propeller, we take pride in our ability to strategize and execute highly effective pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Our recent collaboration with Rosenblum Law, a prominent law firm based in New York and New Jersey, exemplifies our expertise in increasing lead volume and delivering exceptional ROI. This case study demonstrates our team’s comprehensive approach and highlights the outstanding results achieved through our PPC management services.

Rosenblum Law approached Black Propeller with the goal of amplifying their lead volume for criminal defense practice areas through paid advertising. As a law firm specializing in criminal defense, they sought to attract potential clients who were actively seeking legal representation in criminal cases.


The primary challenge faced by our team was ensuring a cost-effective campaign while generating a significant volume of leads. The legal industry is notorious for its steep costs and intense competition, making it crucial for us to strike a balance between efficiency and lead quality. Furthermore, we needed to focus on lead qualification to ensure that the campaign produced qualified prospects for Rosenblum Law.


To address these challenges, we devised a comprehensive strategy that aligned with Rosenblum Law’s objectives. While the firm also handles civil law, we concentrated our efforts on the Criminal Defense campaign, allowing us to allocate the budget effectively and gauge performance accurately. By targeting specific crimes that required criminal defense representation and aligned with our performance targets, we crafted a compelling campaign.

Our strategy involved implementing a Target Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) approach and leveraging high-value, long-tail broad match keywords. This combination allowed us to capture our desired leads while maintaining cost efficiency.


The results achieved by our PPC management for Rosenblum Law’s Criminal Defense campaign were nothing short of remarkable. We surpassed the target cost per lead of $120, achieving an average cost per lead of $94 within just three months. This represented a significant milestone for the campaign’s success.

Moreover, our efforts delivered an outstanding return on investment (ROI), with a staggering 633% increase in new hired clients and attributed revenue. This remarkable ROI demonstrates the effectiveness of our PPC campaign in driving tangible business results for our client.

In addition to the impressive ROI, the campaign’s click-through rate (CTR) far surpassed industry benchmarks. While the legal industry’s average CTR stands at 2.93%, our campaign achieved an exceptional CTR of 7.4%. This demonstrates the effectiveness of our ad copy, targeting, and overall campaign strategy in capturing the attention and interest of potential clients.

Furthermore, our focus on lead qualification paid off, as we successfully achieved a close rate of 23% from campaign-generated leads. This result reflects the quality of leads we delivered to Rosenblum Law, ensuring that their time and resources were spent on highly qualified prospects.


Black Propeller’s PPC management services delivered exceptional results for Rosenblum Law’s Criminal Defense campaign. Through our strategic approach, we not only achieved a cost-effective campaign but also significantly increased lead volume, generating a remarkable ROI for our client. With a focus on lead qualification, we ensured that Rosenblum Law received highly qualified prospects, ultimately leading to successful client acquisitions.

Partnering with Black Propeller guarantees a comprehensive and creative approach to PPC management, backed by proven results. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business achieve outstanding ROI and lead generation through our expertise in pay-per-click advertising.

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Rosenblum Law handles traffic violations and criminal defense statewide in both NY and NJ and aims to get their clients the best results.


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