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Retirement & Financial Planning Service Witnesses Never-Before-Seen Lead Growth With Black Propeller


Retirement Planners of America (RPOA) offers retirement & financial planning services to individuals who are on the cusp of retirement and need a licensed advisor to guide them through financially preparing for retirement and maximizing their benefits, investments, and other assets in order to transition into retirement life with peace of mind.. In this case study, we will outline the challenges we encountered and the strategies we implemented to achieve exceptional results.


When we first engaged with RPOA, they faced a multitude of challenges that hindered their lead generation efforts. These included a lack of attribution data and KPI goals, as well as a mismanagement of their healthy monthly budget. They had been plagued by an influx of irrelevant phone calls, which was causing further harm by feeding junk data into Google’s bid strategies. Technical issues with their website further obscured the user journey and made it difficult to ascertain the number of intentional web lead form submissions.


To overcome these challenges, we devised a comprehensive strategy that encompassed various key elements:

1. Resolving Tracking Issues:
Our foremost priority was to rectify the tracking issues with RPOA’s website forms. By ensuring accurate lead tracking, we could optimize our campaigns more effectively.

2. Targeted Keyword Campaigns:
We launched individual campaigns for each state RPOA served, focusing on both Bottom of Funnel (BOF) and Top of Funnel (TOF) keywords. BOF campaigns targeted high-intent keywords such as “retirement advisors near me” and “retirement planning services,” while TOF campaigns capitalized on research-based searches like “preparing for retirement” and “getting ready for retirement.”

3. Focusing on Web Form Conversions:
Recognizing the inefficiency of phone call conversions, we made the strategic decision to optimize solely for website form conversions. This enabled us to drive meaningful traffic to RPOA’s website, ensuring higher-quality leads.

4. Expanding Reach and Volume:
To maintain reach and volume, we expanded RPOA’s campaigns onto the Google Search Partner network, allowing us to scale our spend and tap into additional opportunities.

5. A/B Testing and Landing Page Optimization:
We conducted A/B tests to compare the efficacy of directing users to RPOA’s homepage versus their lead form webpage. The results revealed that the lead form webpage yielded a conversion rate nearly 2x higher than the homepage, so we had our winning landing page to move forward with.


Our partnership with RPOA yielded exceptional results, surpassing all expectations and delivering truly never-before-seen results. Over the course of a year-long collaboration, we achieved the following outcomes:

1. Drastic Reduction in Cost per Lead:
We successfully decreased RPOA’s Cost per Lead from a peak of over $1,453 to an average of $451 over a 5-month period. This remarkable reduction of nearly $1,000 per lead significantly enhanced RPOA’s return on investment.

2. Exponential Increase in Monthly Lead Count:
By implementing our multifaceted strategy, we propelled RPOA’s monthly lead count to a staggering 525% increase over just 6 months. This surge in high-quality leads was able to deliver RPOA with a study influx of leads and new business opportunities that even their Local Service Ads could not consistently deliver.


By addressing the RPOA’s challenges head-on and implementing a robust strategy, we achieved phenomenal results. Our meticulous approach not only reduced RPOA’s Cost per Lead but also boosted their lead count to unprecedented levels that are continuing to grow day by day!

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Retirement Planners of America offers retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, long-term care planning and more.


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