Korean Beauty Brand Leverages Meta
To Generate Over $100k


Missha is a global beauty brand founded in South Korea 23 years ago, with an extremely successful track record in the K-Beauty industry. After years of continued success and expansion into other countries and continents, Missha set out to make an impact in the US beauty market.

With a range of highly-rated skincare and cosmetic products (their BB Cream alone has sold more than 100 million units), early sales were promising in the US market. Media mentions are common, and their products are routinely featured in major publications such as Marie Claire, Allure, Byrdie, Women’s Health, and more. With a proven business model, they were eager to grow their sales further through online advertising and began exploring Meta Ads.

After unpredictable and inconsistent performance on Meta through the years, the brand stopped nearly all Meta advertising after 2016, with only brief stints in 2019 and 2020. Black Propeller knew there was a massive opportunity to push profits forward with an omni-channel approach across Google Ads and Meta Ads. In 2022, we set out to increase brand recognition and prove success advertising on Facebook and Instagram.


  • Revive the Meta Ads account, rapidly building and launching promotional campaigns to capitalize on holiday shopping traffic that was well underway
  • Achieve a 5+ ROAS across all campaigns
  • Reach new and existing customers with prospecting and remarketing campaigns


  • Extremely minimal historical data, Meta only provides the past three years of performance data and the bulk of Missha’s Meta advertising had taken place more than 6 years ago
  • Intense competition from brands with decades of history in the US beauty market
  • Modest budget for the beauty industry
  • Lack of external data due to a relatively new website and unreliable tracking set up by the previous agency
  • Zero momentum going into the holiday season due to the previous agency not including prospecting campaigns in their search strategy, and no social campaigns at all


First, the Black Propeller team sat down with the Missha team to get an in-depth brief on their business, their goals, and to take the pulse on current advertising efforts before jumping in to create new campaigns. Next, we quickly launched dynamic catalog campaigns for both prospecting (cosmetics and skincare audiences) and remarketing (add to cart and product viewers) to ensure users were constantly being introduced to new products and reminded of the Missha brand during an incredibly competitive season. Working closely with Missha, we planned new ads around their holiday promotions, mixing in dynamic catalog ads as well as custom creative to have the biggest impact.


In December 2022, during their Missha Miracles promotion, we built ad sets for website visitors and social engagers who may be familiar with the brand as well as cold traffic who had not visited the website or interacted with Missha online. With this approach, we were able to fully customize the ad copy, budget, and user experience of each unique audience. That month, the cold traffic audience generated $2,295 in revenue and a 6.0 ROAS, while the remarketing audience generated $5,046 in revenue and a 10.08 ROAS, marking a massive success for the brand’s paid social efforts.

From November 1st, 2022 to February 28th, 2023, our campaigns have generated $103,310 in revenue at only $19,191 in ad spend, equating to a 5.38 ROAS. With strong evergreen campaigns and agile limited time promotion campaigns, the Missha account has seen remarkable success beyond the 2022 holiday season.

About The Client

Missha is a global beauty brand with an extremely successful track record in the K-Beauty industry.


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