Metropolitan Bath & Tile

Enhanced Targeting Leads To 40% Increase In Conversion Rate


Metropolitan Bath & Tile came to Black Propeller after growing increasingly frustrated with their PPC campaign performance, which they rely on to drive traffic to their showrooms & generate consultations over the phone.


Their biggest pain point was the lack of quality leads generated from their Google Ads campaigns despite increasing costs each year. Given Metropolitan Bath’s prominence in the high-end bathroom market, their services are out of the price range of many middle-income & low-income homes. Their ideal customer is in the top 10% household income bracket.


When we began working with Metropolitan Bath & Tile, we conducted a full-audit of their account. We found that 40% of their monthly ad spend was going towards clicks for bathroom repair and service-based queries. By conducting regular search-term reviews and negating all of the repair and service-based searches, we improved the quality of traffic significantly by capturing clicks only for complete bathroom renovations.


Once we had the basics covered, we turned our attention to lead quality originating from core keyword searches like “bathroom remodel”. We found that the majority of clicks were coming from low income demographics. We tested elimination of all income levels below top 10% earners and while lead quality improved, the volume wasn’t significant enough to meet the client’s budget goals.

To increase volume but maintain lead quality, we launched a new campaign with an expanded keyword set in broad match. We layered audience targeting into the new campaign in a strategy known as “broadience”. Continuing to target top earners while expanding our reach through the use of broad match keywords was the tinder this account needed to increase volume & maintain lead quality. Conversion volume & conversion-rate increased significantly since our ads were now only targeting people that were in our client’s market.


While our Paid Media team was busy testing and optimizing audiences and improving campaign targeting, our Design team was implementing a series of tests to improve Metro’s landing page conversion rate. Something we noticed early on was that queries for “bathroom showrooms” converted at a much lower rate that “bathroom remodel” searches did. After analyzing our landing page with a CRO tool, we came to the conclusion that bathroom showroom searches weren’t converting because they were looking for directions to the showroom. We took these learnings and decided to build a second landing page, which focused specifically on the showroom and included clickable map links to help the user easily navigate to the showroom of their choice. After making this change, the client noticed a significant increase in foot traffic in their showrooms.

About The Client

Metropolitan Bath & Tile is one of the top luxury bath remodeling companies serving Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia.


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