Journeys Holistic Life

Improving Profitability & Helping
This Client Sleep Better at Night


Journeys Holistic Life is an online natural supplement store led by a team of healthcare professionals. Their online store provides customers with natural healing products that their physicians have found to work the best. Their products cover many different systems & illnesses.

The supplement industry is competitive but what separates Journeys is the information they make available to consumers about the products. Each product has information on ingredients, benefits & how to use them.

Journeys was previously working with another agency but they were struggling to maintain profitability. They were not getting the return they wanted as their ad spend was being spent on poorly constructed campaigns. Candice was concerned and could barely sleep at night knowing how much money she was losing as a result, which is how they ended up at Black Propeller.


  • Improve profitability by +15% within the first 2 months
  • Increase sales of products with the highest profit margin through Performance Max
  • Scale spend to over $30k per month without sacrificing profit


  • The search campaigns were structured poorly. There were clusters of keywords that did not belong in the ad groups they were placed in.
  • They were still running ETAs (expanded text ads) which were no longer an allowed ad type.
  • Manual bidding was being used across almost all campaigns. While this helped control spend & CPCs it limited the ability to optimize & scale campaigns properly with Google’s AI.
  • All products were grouped into one Performance Max campaign. They were serving all products to a variety of different audiences which was inhibiting each product category from reaching the ideal customer.


Our strategy was to restructure the account with Google’s current best practices. In the search campaigns, we switched all Broad Match keywords to Exact & Phrase Match. This gave us more control over the search terms we were bidding on. We also launched over 10+ Responsive Search Ads to run along with the updated keywords.

To improve the Performance Max strategy, we constructed a total of 4 additional Performance Max campaigns. 2 for Human Supplements & 2 for Animal Supplements. 1 campaign was a standard Performance Max campaign that served on different placements (display, gmail, YouTube etc) and the other was strictly tied to the shopping network. This allowed us to control spend over the best performing placements.

Within each campaign, we created a custom audience catered to the products in that specific campaign. For example, in the humans only campaign, we created an audience from a customer list of purchasers who bought only human supplements in the past 90 days. By putting this list into a custom audience, Google was now able to find customers similar to those on the list that have previously bought from Journeys. We also set a target ROAS bid strategy of 300% (3x ROAS) across all campaigns that were created.


Since making these changes, Journeys Holistic Life has improved ROAS by 15%, increased conversion rate by +39% & has seen a decrease in CPA by 15%. We have been able to shift more spend away from brand & into non-branded search & Performance Max YoY. Most importantly, Candice has been vocal of how happy she’s been since transitioning to Black Propeller. According to her “I can actually sleep at night now knowing how I am no longer bleeding money”. We established not only profitability within the business, but happiness & trust as well.

About The Client

Journeys Holistic Life provides pets and their parents with natural health supplements for a variety of different systems & illnesses.


Elizabeth, CO


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