Health-Focused Brand Sees 7.5x ROAS In
Month 1 of Paid Media Channel Expansion


Shop FlavCity offers a range of products, including protein smoothies, immunity products, lemonades, and electrolyte supplements, all made from intentional and researched ingredients. Seeking to expand their paid media efforts, Shop FlavCity partnered with Black Propeller to launch Google Ads, particularly Performance Max, and TikTok Ads. Despite having a successful organic following, FlavCity lacked prior experience with Google and TikTok ads, presenting a challenge for the campaign. However, the team at Black Propeller overcame these hurdles by leveraging customer lists, first-party data, and optimized account structures.


  • Expand Shop FlavCity’s paid media efforts to Google Ads, with a focus on Performance Max campaigns.
  • Achieve a combined 5-6x ROAS between Google Ads and TikTok Ads.


  • No preexisting Google Ads account or historical performance data on Paid Search channels
  • Limited transparency in reporting due to the use of Performance Max campaigns.
  • Unoptimized Google Merchant Center product feed.
  • Absence of a TikTok Ad Account, TikTok Pixel implementation, and organic TikTok account.


Performance Max

To capitalize on Google’s Performance Max campaigns, we implemented the following key elements in our strategy:

  1. Optimizing Google Merchant Center: We focused on optimizing Shop FlavCity’s product titles and associating them with relevant Google product categories. This allowed us to ensure optimal product placements across the Google Shopping Network, enhancing the performance of both shopping ads and free listings.
  2. Segmenting Campaigns by Product Categories: By structuring campaigns based on Shop FlavCity’s core product lines (protein smoothies, immunity products, lemonades, & electrolyte supplements), we achieved scalability, optimization, and accurate performance monitoring for each category.
  3. High-Quality Assets: We utilized top-notch lifestyle and product images and videos to build Performance Max Asset Groups. With carefully formatted assets and segmented campaigns, we incorporated relevant visuals into each product line’s asset groups and campaigns.
  4. Leveraging First-Party Data: We made effective use of FlavCity’s massive YouTube subscriber base and Customer Match Lists from their Shopify store. By segmenting customer lists based on specific product purchases and creating corresponding audience signals for each campaign, we targeted the right audience for maximum conversions.


For TikTok advertising, we employed the following strategies:

  1. Product-Based Campaign Structure: By separating campaigns based on product categories (protein smoothies, immunity products, lemonades, & electrolyte supplements), we could analyze video and audience performance, adapt to platform trends, and allocate spend towards top-performing products.
  2. SPARK Posts Integration: Leveraging SPARK Posts, we promoted organic content through paid efforts, allowing us to tap into FlavCity’s existing organic reach and use the data to reach new customers.
  3. SMART Campaign Adoption: We incorporated SMART Campaigns, an automation campaign solution, to maximize delivery outcomes and acquire customers at a low cost by leveraging TikTok’s platform capabilities.
  4. TikTok Exclusive Messaging: By emphasizing “TikTok Exclusive” messaging in video creatives, through text overlays, and in the ad copy, we promoted a sense of urgency for customers to buy the products.


Performance Max

Within the first full month of running Performance Max campaigns, the outcomes exceeded expectations and surpassed the initial goal of a 5-6x ROAS. The campaign yielded remarkable results in the following areas:

  • Over $180,000 in revenue generated.
  • An unprecedented 11x ROAS, showcasing the exceptional return on ad spend.
  • A low cost per purchase of $6.87, indicating efficient spending.
  • Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) of 8.03%, demonstrating effective cost management.
  • A significant 169% uplift in sales from First-Time Shopify customers referred by Google, indicating successful acquisition of new customers.


During the first month of advertising on TikTok, the campaign achieved high engagement and delivered exceptional in-platform ROAS for an Ecomm Food and Beverage company. The results surpassed ROAS expectations and demonstrated ongoing success in various areas:

  • A staggering 2305% increase in sales from the TikTok channel, showcasing the platform’s effectiveness in driving conversions.
  • A remarkable 960% increase in revenue generated from the TikTok channel, highlighting its substantial impact on overall business growth.
  • Achieved an in-platform ROAS of 2.5x, showcasing the profitability of advertising on TikTok.
  • Maintained a favorable cost per purchase of $25, indicating efficient spending and acquisition of customers at a reasonable cost.
  • Demonstrated the ability to scale by 154% while maintaining a 2x ROAS from Month 1-2, showcasing the campaign’s adaptability and potential for further growth.
  • A St. Patrick’s Day SPARK ad achieved an unprecedented 8x ROAS, indicating the successful utilization of trending events and content to drive exceptional results.

The outstanding outcomes achieved in both Performance Max and TikTok campaigns demonstrate the effectiveness of Black Propeller’s strategies and the significant impact on FlavCity’s revenue, return on ad spend, customer acquisition, and overall business growth.

About The Client

FlavCity, founded by Bobby Parish, is dedicated to promoting critical examination of the foods and drinks people consume.


Chicago, IL




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