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CUBE84 is a consultancy that helps businesses implement and optimize their Salesforce and Pardot strategies. After several years of agency-hopping due to underwhelming results, the company reached out to us in hopes that we’d be able to do what previous agencies had not…deliver a positive return on their PPC investment.


  • Increase Google Ads lead volume by 50% without increasing ad spend
  • Once the lead volume goal is met, scale ad spend up by 100% over 6 months while maintaining CPA goals
  • Expand PPC strategy to social networks with LinkedIn and Facebook ads


  • Existing campaigns were unusable and needed to be rebuilt
  • Lead quality was historically poor due to a lack of enterprise-level businesses leads
  • The salesforce consulting PPC market is competitive


Within the first two weeks of our engagement, we rebuilt the clients entire Google ads search strategy from the ground up. This started of course with extensive keyword and competitor research as we looked to uncover soft spots in the market to gain traction. As we rebuilt the campaigns, we honed in on the core keywords with high purchase intent and eliminated the top-of-funnel keywords. We would later revisit those lower-intent keywords, but the budget and goals didn’t suit them in phase one of our plan.

The client had historically sent all PPC traffic to the homepage of their website, so we wanted to test how a landing page would perform. We built our page and test multiple CTA’s as our initial test, quickly landing on a winner that would have a significant impact on conversion rate.


On the strength of a solid foundation of core keywords and a well-designed landing page, CUBE84’s campaigns quickly moved into uncharted territory. Within the first two months of the re-launch we had already hit our goal of increasing lead volume by 50%. Lead quality was also much improved as well. By month four we had increase lead volume by 100% without increasing the initial budget at all.

From there we began scaling the Google campaigns by adding in additional budget and expanding our keyword pool. We also introduced remarketing campaigns on both LinkedIn and Facebook. The result was a 400% increase in lead volume within the first 6 months of our engagement.

About The Client

CUBE84 provides Salesforce and Pardot consulting services to enterprise-level businesses.


Arlington, VA




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