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CRM Integration & Data Maturity Delivers Never-Before-Seen Marketing ROI for Home Services Organization


Construct Capital is the parent company of two subsidiary organizations, Perma Pier Foundation Repair and Black Tie Plumbing. Perma Pier specializes in home foundation repairs, while Black Tie Plumbing provides local plumbing services. Both organizations operate in Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston.


Construct Capital approached Black Propeller with the aim of taking their PPC and SEO performance to new heights, beyond what their previous agency had achieved. Their primary goal was to gain clearer attribution insights into their marketing ROI from their marketing campaigns by seamlessly integrating their CRM, ServiceTitan, with their Google Ads campaigns.


Construct Capital faced significant challenges in effectively leveraging their CRM due to missing or misconfigured integrations, leading to improper lead tracking and a lack of understanding of their marketing impact. Key features of ServiceTitan, like Dynamic Number Insertion and web form lead attribution, were not utilized, obscuring campaign spending, lead conversion, and revenue generation insights. There was an overall lack of data maturity and technical care within their CRM that was not providing them with the marketing attribution and insights they were looking for.


Our strategy involved a deep dive into ServiceTitan’s functionalities, addressing missing elements for accurate attribution. We knew that in order to make more strategic and data-driven decisions, we needed to bridge the gap between their Google Ads performance and their actual first-party CRM data that would prove the value of their marketing dollars. We aligned tracking phone numbers with respective marketing campaigns and developed custom Zapier workflows for capturing web form leads with precise source, medium, and campaign data. This is ultimately what enabled their CRM to attribute the correct marketing source that leads were coming from and dynamically reference the customer journey and revenue that came from each campaign.


Our interventions led to significant improvements in marketing attribution for Perma Pier and Black Tie Plumbing that helped us further optimize their Google Ads campaigns based on clear first-party insights from their CRM. In the first 3 months, we generated efficiencies in the following areas:

  • Increased Marketing Revenue: Achieved over $327,000 in marketing revenue, marking a 153% increase from the previous three months.
  • Reduced Marketing Costs: Decreased marketing costs by 15% through campaign optimization.
  • Improved Marketing ROI: Decreased Expense to Income Ratio by 110%, going down to 55%.
  • Boosted Lead Generation: Increased marketing leads by 49%.
  • Lowered Cost Per Lead: Achieved a 43% decrease in cost per lead.
  • Reduced Cost Per Job: Attained a 47% decrease in cost per job.
  • Increased Sold Jobs: Increased the number of sold jobs by 76%.


Our strategic implementation of advanced CRM integrations and targeted optimizations in Google Ads campaigns for Construct Capital, Perma Pier, and Black Tie Plumbing has yielded transformative results. These changes not only significantly enhanced the efficiency of marketing spend but also drove substantial increases in revenue and lead generation, while markedly reducing costs. Our holistic approach to marketing optimization, leveraging technology and data-driven strategies, has set a new benchmark in achieving measurable, impactful business growth. The results speak for themselves: a robust increase in revenue, a sharp decrease in marketing costs, and a remarkable improvement in overall marketing effectiveness. This success story demonstrates the power of targeted digital strategies and underscores the importance of aligning marketing tools with business goals for exceptional outcomes.

About The Client

Construct Capital is the parent company of Perma-Pier Foundation Repair and Black Tie Plumbing.


Arlington, TX




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