Taking Construct Capital’s PPC to the Next Level with Black Propeller


Construct Capital is the parent company of two subsidiary organizations, Perma Pier Foundation Repair and Black Tie Plumbing. Perma Pier specializes in home foundation repairs, while Black Tie Plumbing provides local plumbing services. Both organizations operate in Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston.


Construct Capital approached Black Propeller with the aim of taking their PPC and SEO performance to new heights, beyond what their previous agency had achieved. Their primary goal was to gain full attribution insights into their marketing campaigns and ROI from their marketing campaigns by seamlessly integrating their CRM, ServiceTitan, with their Google Ads and Local Service Ads accounts.


Upon analyzing Construct Capital’s existing setup, we discovered several missing puzzle pieces that hindered their ability to leverage their CRM effectively and gain a clear understanding of the impact of their marketing efforts. Missing and misconfigured integrations and technical setups prevented leads from populating correctly in their CRM. Furthermore, they were not utilizing crucial features in ServiceTitan, including Dynamic Number Insertion phone tracking and proper web form lead attribution. These missing pieces made it inherently difficult for their team to have any understanding how much they were spending on each campaign, how or if these leads were turning into new job bookings, and ultimately if they were seeing any revenue as a result of completed jobs for both Perma Pier and Black Tie Plumbing.


To address these challenges, we delved into ServiceTitan’s technical capabilities and documentation. Our team worked diligently to piece together the missing elements of the attribution puzzle. We ensured that tracking phone numbers were correctly assigned to the relevant marketing campaigns for both organizations to accurately account for phone call leads and their sources. In addition, we implemented custom Zapier workflows to capture web form leads from Construct Capital’s WordPress Gravity Forms and Unbounce landing pages. These custom workflows not only would help push new leads into the right areas in ServiceTitan, but they would also include UTM parameters and Google Click ID (GCLID) identifiers to attribute the exact source, medium, and campaign of each lead. This allowed us to import offline conversions into Google Ads for further analysis.


After putting together all of the pieces of the puzzle through custom workflows and technical expertise, we were able to provide Construct Capital with a clear picture of where their PPC leads were coming from and how they were moving down the sales funnel directly in ServiceTitan for both Perma Pier and Black Tie Plumbing. This further allowed us to create custom reports within ServiceTitan for both organizations that showed the leads, jobs booked, and ROI for each individual marketing campaign for both organizations. The team at Construct Capital directly stated, “We’ve waited a long time to get to this point” and were ecstatic that our team was able to get them there. We were now able to provide further value to the client by taking these insights from our marketing attribution to optimize their campaigns more efficiently and effectively.

Construct Capital is the parent company of Perma-Pier Foundation Repair and Black Tie Plumbing.

Arlington, TX


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