Black Garlic

167% Increase in Total sales following the activation of Amazon Ads


Black Garlic North America is a division of Wisconsin Fermentation Company LLC (founded in 2012) which is focused on garlic fermentation and innovative garlic product commercialization. Black Propeller had been advertising their line of flagship Products on Google Ads and identified the opportunity to scale sales by expanding into new marketplaces.


  • Scale total sales
  • Increase first-time shoppers
  • Increase product rank to be the #1 Black Garlic product on Amazon


  • Lack of historical data and performance history on Amazon
  • Black Garlic North America was a small presence in the Canned & Jarred Garlic category on Amazon even though they are pioneers in the field. The lack of focus on Amazon gave small and overseas Amazon Sellers the opportunity to rank higher on Amazon.
  • Competitive market with many competitors outspending the client by a wide margin
  • Black Garlic North America is not brand registered on Amazon meaning we were only able to utilize Sponsored Product ad campaigns


Black Propeller worked with Black Garlic North America to identify an opportunity to become a top seller of garlic products on Amazon. We identified the primary KPIs as Total Amazon Sales and Ads ROAS then launched net-new Amazon Advertising campaigns. Without historical data to go off of, in-depth keyword and landscape analysis was conducted utilizing all available Amazon data as well as third party tools such as Helium10.

Campaigns were first launched for four top ASINs. We segmented out campaigns by brand keywords, non-brand keywords, competitor keywords, brand ASINs and competitor ASINs. We included an automatic campaign for keyword research across each of the top four ASINs. Only exact match and phrase match keywords were used. Several weeks later, we built campaigns for additional ASINs after noticing that three out of the four initial ASINs experienced buy box losses resulting in lost sales.

After the initial launch, the Buy Box, placement modifiers and bids were monitored regularly and campaigns were continuously optimized.


Primary Results: Total Amazon sales (Ads + Organic) increased 67% from 8.21.22-10.2.22 (beginning when ads were launched) versus the previous period (right before ads were launched) and a whopping 167% Year-over-Year.

Secondary Result: Rank increased across almost all of the top selling products

Why is it important? Product rank is a great way to get users to your page because products are more visible within the category/subcategory and this will be able to drive more sales.

Explanation: Sales velocity is a dominant factor for determining sales rank. Our products have climbed up in rank since running ads due to increased page sessions and sales velocity. Our top seller dropped more than 10 points. B08LJTGS6M dropped from 33 to 20 in the Canned and Jarred Garlic category and B08P3TRXW4 dropped 129 points in the competitive Garlic Herbal Supplement category. B08LJTGS6M now shows up on the top of the first page for the Canned and Jarred Garlic category (customer facing category pages only show the top 100 products)

Peripheral Impact : Although Google search traffic is quite low, branded keywords saw a 27% lift in impressions in the time since we started running ads on  Amazon (Oct 3-Nov 17) versus the previous period (no Amazon ads). This indicates that users are discovering the Black Garlic North America brand on Amazon then conduct a Google search for the product offering an opportunity to capture cross-channel traffic..

This has resulted in one of Black Garlic North America’s highest revenue months with a 23% increase in revenue versus the period before Amazon Ads were running.

About The Client

Black Garlic North America™ is North America’s largest producer of Black Garlic, committed to producing the highest quality Black Garlic.


Hillsboro, WI




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