Black Propeller’s PPC & LinkedIn Management Services Drive Exceptional Results for Avertium


Avertium, a leading cybersecurity firm formed by the merger of four award-winning companies, sought to expand its client base and increase the quality and quantity of its leads. With a focus on serving mid-to-enterprise organizations, Avertium required a marketing partner to help them penetrate specific industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and retail.


Avertium set an ambitious target of acquiring 15 Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) per month through their digital advertising platforms. These leads had to align with Avertium’s target verticals, ensuring that the company could establish strong partnerships with larger firms in need of comprehensive cybersecurity management.


From the outset, Black Propeller’s team understood the unique challenges presented by the cybersecurity industry. Despite a high volume of inquiries, many of them did not meet Avertium’s criteria for managed services. Furthermore, the technical nature of the cybersecurity field made it challenging to identify relevant search keywords without wasting ad budget.


To overcome these challenges, Black Propeller implemented a multi-faceted strategy that utilized LinkedIn advertising and Google Ads. Leveraging LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities, the team focused on reaching decision-makers in positions such as Chief Information Officers, Information Technology Directors, and Technology Operation Executives. By creating custom creative and offering gated content, Black Propeller quickly attracted qualified leads into Avertium’s sales funnel.

The Google Ads campaign initially faced difficulties due to low search volume and a lack of qualified candidates. However, the team pivoted their approach and shifted the focus towards industry-specific terminology instead of product-specific keywords. This adjustment proved highly successful, resulting in a significant increase in MQLs generated through Google Ads.


Thanks to Black Propeller’s expertise and strategic approach, Avertium not only achieved its monthly target of 15 MQLs but consistently surpassed it. In fact, the marketing efforts led to an impressive $1.4 million in sales in 2023 alone, highlighting the effectiveness of Black Propeller’s PPC management services.


Black Propeller’s strategic approach to PPC management, leveraging platforms such as LinkedIn and Google Ads, enabled Avertium to not only achieve but surpass their lead generation targets consistently. By focusing on industry-specific keywords and targeting decision-makers, the team ensured that Avertium attracted high-quality leads from their desired verticals. The exceptional results achieved in terms of lead volume and sales demonstrate the value of Black Propeller’s PPC management services in driving business growth for Avertium.

About The Client

Avertium is a cyber fusion company with a programmatic approach to measurable cyber maturity outcomes.


Phoenix, AZ




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