Digital marketing professionals generally fall into two distinct categories when it comes to Quora Ads: those who use the platform personally and realize it’s immense value, and those who know very little (if anything) about it. If you fall in the latter group, Quora is likely on the fringe of your digital advertising strategy at best.

Let’s change that!

Why? Well…

Now that you’re pumped on the potential of Quora ads, let’s take a step back and learn the fundamentals of the platform.

What Are Quora Ads?

Quora is an online question and answer community where people can ask questions related to different topics they are looking to explore. Quora ads are helping advertisers reach potential customers who browse the Q&As that match their products and/or services.

For instance, if you are advertising for an ecommerce website that sells dog food, then you might want to reach potential customers who are browsing Q&As related to pet food, such as:

  • Which is the best dog food?
  • Which is the best dry dog food?
  • What do dogs love to eat the most?
  • What is the best giant dog breed puppy food?
  • Is it okay to feed puppy food to an adult dog?
  • Which is the best puppy food – grain or grain-free?

People browsing and reading answers to such questions are likely pet owners looking to explore the best food options for their dogs. Sounds like an opportune time to get your pet food brand in front of them right?

Reaching relevant prospects when they are in the consideration phase of the customer journey is what Quora ads do best.

Quora ads make it easier for you to promote your brand and products leveraging native-ad formats that don’t look like ads.

Here is an example of a Quora text ad in action:

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide


The ad matches Quora’s regular question and answer pattern and doesn’t look like an ad. Therefore, the chances of people reading the answer and clicking on the CTA increase.

Quora offers different ad formats to match your exact business goals.

Quora Ad Types

There are three types of ads that you can run on Quora:

1. Text Ads

Text ads follow the native question and answer pattern on the Quora platform. These ads can appear on the Q&A pages, the Quora newsletter, home feeds, and topic feeds. Placement is available on both text and mobile devices.

Here is an example of a Text ad on Quora:

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide


You should use the following ad specifications in your text ads:

  • The headline should be within 65 characters.
  • The body text should be within 105 characters.

2. Image Ads

Image ads let your brand stand out in the text-based feed format of Quora. These ads appear on home feeds, and topic feeds. Image ads also appear on home feeds and topic feeds, but since these feeds follow a text-based pattern, Quora converts the image ads into text ads.

You should use the following ad specifications in your image ads:

  • Headline text should be within 65 characters.
  • Body text should be within 105 characters.
  • The hero image should be in either PNG or JPG format with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and minimum image dimensions of 600 x 335 pixels.

The company logo should either be in PNG or JPG format and 500 x 500 pixels.

Here is an example of an image ad in action from QSmart Travel:

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

3. Promoted Answers

Promoted Answers lets you expand the reach of your answers in the Quora Q&A platform. Answers that are promoted are clearly marked as ‘promoted by’. People can upvote, downvote, share, and comment on promoted answers.

Your answer should be more than 250 characters and must meet the Quora content policies to be eligible to be advertised as promoted answers.

Here is an example of a Promoted Answer from DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg:

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide


Bonus: Lead Gen Forms

Lead Gen Forms are an extension of Quora ads that allow Quora users to share their information directly on the Quora platform. You can pair Lead Gen Forms with Text ads, Image ads, or Promoted Answers.

These ads can appear on the home feed, topic feed, question pages, and answer pages.

You can use your company logo and direct the users to any landing page after the form submission.

Here are the ad specifications for Lead Gen Forms:

  • Headline text should have a maximum of 65 characters. The headline should tell the users what they expect after filling out the form. The offer should be clear in your headline, or else Quora might reject your ad.
  • Contact fields can have First Name, Last Name, Email, Business Email and Phone Number.
  • Employment fields can have Job Title, Company Name, and Company Size.
  • Location fields can have City, State (the US Only), Zip Code (the US only), and Country.
  • Confirmation message sentences should be within 65 characters.
  • The ad should also have a privacy policy which is displayed at the bottom of the ad. You should have a separate privacy policy page on your website and provide a link to it in your ad.
  • You can also include a landing page URL where people should visit after filling out the form.
  • The company logo is accepted in both PNG and JPG image formats and displayed as a circle. The recommended logo image size is around 500 x 500 pixels.

Here is an example of a lead gen form in action:

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide


Quora Ads Advantages – Advertising On Quora

Here are the top 12 advantages of advertising on Quora:

1. Increase Your Brand Reach To Millions of Users

Quora is growing rapidly as a social network having millions of users worldwide. Quora users engage the Q&A platform to research companies or products.

They ask questions from other Quorans related to a product or service they are using or planning to use in future.

Quora logs 678.8 million monthly views globally, giving advertisers a wider opportunity to target their relevant audiences who actively search for solutions similar to what they provide.

2. Attract Quality Organic Traffic

Quora questions and answers often rank highly in search engines like Google and Bing. When people ask questions in Google, the relevant response appears in the search result.

Quora’s answers are more direct and specific to the question, which is why Quora pages rank well on search engines and attract more traffic.

3. Leverage Advertising On A Low Competition Channel

Quora is still emerging as an online advertising channel. Many companies are yet to explore the platform.

Less competition makes it easier for companies to stand out and acquire new customers.

Therefore, the sooner you begin advertising on Quora, the faster you will start generating leads for your business.

4. Reach To More Relevant Audience

Users are continuously looking for answers to their questions. Quora has a vast knowledge base where users explore questions on a variety of topics.

People are constantly looking for solutions, and when your ads appear next to relevant questions related to the products or services you sell, the chances of conversions are higher.

5. Target Audience With Contextual Targeting

For advertising on relevant question pages, Quora provides a contextual targeting feature.

The advertiser has to choose a topic on which their ads will show up and the keywords they want to target. These details are used to target relevant user questions.

Hence, your ads appear next to questions with the highest chances of people clicking on the ads.

6. Control Ad Spend

Quora has a bidding system in place that decides the price of running ads.

The cost of advertising depends on different factors like targeted keyword, audience, competition, etc. Quora offers three types of bidding options – Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Impression (CPM), and Conversion Optimized.

In cost per click, interested advertisers bid for the cost of every click on their ads. The starting bidding price is $0.01.

In cost per Impression, advertisers can bid for 1000 impressions on their ads. The minimum bidding price is $0.20.

In conversion-optimized bidding, advertisers bid for Cost Per Action (CPA) and only pay when their ads result in an action.

7. Track Engagement And Utilize Remarketing

Quora offers a tool called Quora Pixel, which is placed on the advertiser’s website to track traffic and conversions.

The tool is designed to identify the number of people landing on the website after clicking the ad. It also keeps a record of the type of actions they take within the site.

Using the tool, advertisers can build a website audience and use it for Website Traffic Targeting, called remarketing and Lookalike Targeting.

8. Choose Between Different Ad Options

Quora offers several ad formats – Image, Text, Promoted Answers, and Lead Gen Forms. As an advertiser, you can run different campaigns to test the effectiveness of ad options and select the format that works best for your business.

9. Promote Your Ads In Quora Digest

Quora Digest is the newsletter that every Quora user receives. It includes several questions with one best answer to each question, along with ads.

The questions are relevant, as they are based on the user’s search history and interests. Since these newsletters are highly personalized, they have high opening rates, and the ads included are clickable.

Hence, you have the option to reach relevant audiences via the highly popular Quora digest.

10. Reach Specific Audiences

Audience Targeting is an option in Quora that enables advertisers to create a target audience list from their site. They can set a filter to choose the visitors or upload a CSV file of customers on their website and target them on Quora. Creating a list of target audiences is helpful for businesses because they can focus only on valuable prospects.

11. Target Audiences Based On Geographical Regions

Not all businesses are global. Many of them are limited to specific regions. For them targeting an international audience is useless and costly. Quora’s location targeting allows you to pick particular countries, cities, and even postcodes, where you want your ads to be shown. Alternatively, you can also exclude some countries you don’t wish to target.

12. Choose Your Target Device

Desktop and mobile ads have different pricing on Quora. Desktop auctions usually have higher costs. To help small businesses, Quora offers device and browser targeting. Using this option, you can choose the device types, the specific mobile platforms (iOS or Android) and browsers you want to display your ads on.

Quora Ads Manager

The Quora Ads Manager is your ad campaign dashboard to find all the information related to your Quora ads campaign. It is the platform to create, run, and manage all your Quora ads and consists of five major sections:

1. Manage Ads

The Manage Ads section lets you control all your ad campaigns on Quora and enables you to evaluate the performance of your ads.

Manage Ads displays the impressions, clicks, generic click-through conversions, and your ad spend.

From this section, you can upload your ads, download them when required, edit your campaign when needed, or delete any particular campaign.

2. Pixels and Events

The Pixels and Events section helps you to set up tracking Pixel on your website.

The Quora Pixel is a small piece of code that lets you track traffic and conversions when someone visits your website after clicking your website link via the Quora ads campaign.

It consists of two codes, namely, the Base Pixel and the Event Pixel. You should add the Base Pixel to every page of your website. The Event Pixel should be added on the landing page (for example, the thank you page) where you wish to track specific conversions.

3. Audiences

The Audiences section lets you select a target audience for your ads campaign. Your ads are displayed to people who fall in any of the below three categories for maximum engagement.

  • Website Traffic Audience – Quora will automatically select an audience that matches your existing website traffic persona. Therefore, you can be assured that you don’t receive any irrelevant clicks on your campaign that leads to ad spend wastage.
  • List Match Audience – If you wish to tailor your ad campaign towards a specific group of audiences, then you should choose List Match Audience.
  • Lookalike Audience – Like Facebook Lookalike Audiences, the Quora Lookalike Audience lets you target your ads towards a group of audiences based on an existing audience group in your Quora Ads Manager.

4. Lead Gen

The Lead Gen section enables you to create lead generation forms for your ad campaigns. With the help of Lead Gen forms, you can acquire high-intent prospects in a few clicks.

5. Reporting

The Reporting section lets you prepare custom reports to measure the returns on investment from your Quora ads spend.

You can provide a name of your report, add recipients, select report type (all campaigns, ad, ad set, campaign, or leads generated), choose a time span, and select a frequency (one-time or recurring) for your reports.

Once you start running your ad campaigns, then you can see the following metrics at the campaign, ad set, and ad level:

  • Impressions: Measures the number of times your Quora ad was viewed.
  • Clicks: Measures the number of times your Quora ad was clicked.
  • CTR: Measures the Clickthrough rate, which is calculated by dividing total clicks by total impressions.
  • Clickthrough conversions: Measures the total conversions that happen when the user clicks on your ad and triggers the event pixel within 28 days.
  • Viewthrough conversions: Measures the total conversions that happen when the user views your ads and triggers the event pixel within 24 hours.
  • Conversion percentage: Measure the conversion rate of your campaign, ad set, or ad.

How To Create Your First Ad Campaign On Quora

Quora ads enable you to reach millions of relevant prospects who use the Q&A platform each month to discover and compare products and services.

Here are the steps to begin your Quora ads campaign:

Step 1: Create An Ad Account

The first step is to create an ad account that will have all the campaign details.

To create an ad account, visit Quora for Business and click on Get Started.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Now enter your campaign name and your email id.

For instance, if I wish to promote my dog food business, I will use the name “My Dog Food Product” as the campaign name.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Next, enter your business name, business website, industry, and billing country.

In this case, the industry will be eCommerce.

You should fill in the details carefully, especially your billing country, because all the payments will be charged in this selected currency.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

After that, click on Start Advertising, and you will see the Quora ads dashboard known as the Quora Ads Manager.

Step 2: Create Your Campaign

To start creating a campaign, click on the “New campaign” button, as shown in the image below.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Ad campaigns contain a set of advertisements that are catered towards a specific business goal.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

As you can see in the image above, there are five different objectives that you can choose under a Quora ads campaign. These objectives are:

  • Conversions – Choose this objective if you want users to perform specific actions on your site.
  • App Installs – Select this objective if you want to increase the downloads of your mobile application.
  • Traffic – Set this objective if you wish to increase traffic to your website.
  • Awareness – Choose the objective to improve the awareness of your brand.
  • Lead Generation – Select this objective to generate leads with pre-filled information from Quora.

Depending on your business goal, you can choose any of the above objectives to start your campaign.

Name your campaign, select your objective, choose the daily maximum budget that you are looking to spend, and select a scheduled start and end date for your campaign.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

If you don’t wish to add any schedule dates, your ads will start to run immediately as soon as they are approved.

Step 3: Create An Ad Set

The next step is creating an ad set. You can create different ad sets targeting different locations.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

You can even add locations that you wish to exclude from your campaign.

Step 4: Choose Targeting Options

After that, you should choose your primary targeting from any of the below four options:

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Contextual Targeting

Under contextual targeting, you can show your ads targeting relevant topics, keywords, or questions.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Audience Targeting

You can choose audience targeting if you wish to show your ads to audiences that match your website traffic, your customer contact lists, or lookalike audiences (based on existing audiences that you have created in the past).

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Behavioral Targeting

Under behavioral targeting, you can show ads to users based on their search history or interests. For instance, you can retarget users by keywords or questions they have viewed before.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide


Broad Targeting

If your focus is on branding, then you can choose the broad targeting option. This will enable your ads to show ads everywhere on Quora. Broad targeting will generate maximum impressions and clicks as compared to other targeting options.

For example, I am selecting the “Contextual Targetingoption with keywords. Here, I have to add some target keywords related to my business, and my ads will get displayed near all the questions that match my provided keywords.

As you can see in the image below, I have added keywords related to dog food.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Remember, you can even add negative keywords, which are words that you wish to exclude from your campaign. You can add keywords that you want to exclude from your ad targeting.

For instance, I can include ‘homemade dog food’ as a negative keyword because people reading questions related to homemade dog food are not looking for branded pet food.

Similarly, you can think of keywords to exclude from your campaign. Excluding negative keywords is necessary because it helps to save your ad budget from irrelevant impressions or clicks.

Step 5: Choose Additional Targeting

In this step, you can select device type and browser. You can choose any mobile device and browser depending on your targeted audience.

Moreover, you can select the gender of your audience in case your products or services are catered towards a specific gender.

For instance, if you sell cosmetics for women, you should choose additional targeting to select only females.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Quora also allows you to filter questions and audiences from your ad set.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Step 6: Set A Bid

Here, you should set a bid for your campaign. Depending on the ad delivery, you have three options to choose from:

  • Optimize for clicks: If you want people to click on your ad, you should optimize for clicks.
  • Optimize for impressions: if you wish to improve branding and display your ad text with the brand slogan in front of several users, you should optimize for impressions.
  • Optimize for Generic conversions: If you have installed Quora Pixel on your website to track generic events, you can use this option to optimize your ad delivery for conversions.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Once you have selected the ad delivery, you should enter the amount you are willing to pay for every click, per thousand impressions, or every conversion.

According to your Ad set configuration, Quora will give you an estimate on the weekly impressions your ad will receive along with a CPC bid value.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Step 7: Create An Ad

The final step in Quora advertising is creating an ad.

You should enter a name for your ad and select an ad format from the available types:

  • Image Ad: To show an ad with a featured image, text, and your company logo.
  • Text Ad: To display ads without pictures, just text.
  • Promote an Answer: In this format, you can promote your existing answers that promote your product or service.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

You can add a Lead Gen Form to any of these ad formats. I will discuss that later in this article.

Now, depending on my ad goals, I selected image ads to promote my dog food product. You need to enter a compelling headline and ad text on every ad format that persuades the users to click on your ad.

Besides, the CTA (Call To Action) button is the most essential part of your ad. Quora offers different CTA options to choose from:

  • Learn More
  • Get The App
  • Apply Now
  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Donate Now
  • Download
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch More
  • Get Quote
  • Follow Us
  • Play Now
  • Start Now
  • Free Trial
  • Read More

Here is the ad after filling in all the required details:

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

To make your ad more compelling and attractive, you can add an image and company logo.

Now, add a landing page URL where you want users to visit to check your products or services.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Now, you can also preview your ad on both desktop and mobile. Make sure to check your ad for any grammar inaccuracies; else, your ad might get rejected.

Here is a screenshot of my image ad:

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

How To Install Quora Pixel To Track Conversion Events?

To track events and ads performance, you need to install Quora Pixel on your website.

Visit the “Pixels & events” section in your Quora Ads Manager and click on Setup Pixel.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

You will get two options:

  • Install manually: If you are comfortable making changes to your website code, you should select this option.
  • Install with a partner: If you are already using a third-party tracking platform such as the Google Tag Manager, you should choose this option.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Install Manually

If you choose to install manually, you will get a JavaScript code that you need to add between the <head> </head> section of your website.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

You need to select the event to track and add the second code on the page where the selected event will occur.

Here, you have two codes, one is to track page loads events, and the other is to track action taken by users on your website.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Once you successfully install the codes, the tracking will start, and you can see campaign performance data like impressions, clicks, and action in your ads dashboard.

Install With A Partner

If you select this option, you need to copy the Quora Pixel code, create a new tag in GTM, select the “Quora Pixel”, and paste the code into the “Quora Pixel ID” section.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Either way, you can track conversion events and get the complete ROI data from your Quora ads campaign.

How To Create A Lead Gen Form?

You can create a lead gen form in your Quora ads when your campaign objective is generating leads.

Here are the steps to create a Lead Gen Form in Quora:

  • Visit the Lead Gen tab in your Ads Manager and click “Create Form.”
  • Now, fill out the “Form details” and “Confirmation Modal” pages.
  • Click “Confirm.”

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide


You can also create a Lead Gen Form on the Create an Ad page by scrolling down and clicking on the “Choose a lead gen form” dropdown menu.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

The Quora ads team will review the Lead Gen Form before it goes live. If it is rejected, you can make changes to your form based on the reasons for rejection and resubmit it for approval.

Quora Ads Examples

To help you understand how companies use different ad formats to generate traffic and lead to their business, let’s discuss some of the best Quora ads examples.

Here are the top examples of Quora ads:

1. Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics uses image ads to persuade users to try their product for free. The headline text consists of a question that is proven to generate higher clicks.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

2. Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires is a browser-based strategy game. The company used an image ad to promote the game. The ad objective is to increase app installs. Therefore, the CTA “Play Now” is used to get people to start playing the game.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

3. SEOprofiler

SEOprofiler is an SEO tool that uses Quora text ads to generate buzz for their SEO platform. The headline text persuades the users to try a better SEO tool, and the ad text lists the tasks that the tool can perform.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

4. Zen Foods

Zen Foods is a diet food delivery platform in Los Angeles and other areas. The company used an image ad to drive conversions. The CTA “Sign Up” contains an action-oriented text known to improve conversions.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

5. Amazon

Amazon takes the help of Quora ads to invite sellers to list their products on Amazon India. The ad format used is Quora Promoted Answers. The answer contains all the instructions to list products on Amazon India.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

6. Masterworks

Masterworks is a platform to invest in fine arts. The company used Quora Promoted Answers to educate people to learn to invest in fine arts.

Therefore, you can use a variety of ad formats to reach your business goals. If the goal is conversions, text and image ads work best. Else, if the goal is to educate people about your products or services, then Promoted Answer is the best ad option.

Quora Ads - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Best Practices to Optimize Your Quora Ads Campaign 

  • Create separate campaigns based on your business goals.
  • Always install Quora Pixel because when you have Pixel installed on your website, you can see which campaigns or ads drive conversions.
  • Create location-specific ad sets to optimize your campaigns more efficiently and drive more conversions.
  • Create device-specific ad campaigns since ad bids vary by device. A great tip is to create a duplicate copy of your desktop campaign for targeting mobile users. You can save on your advertising budget by choosing this approach.
  • Test your ad copies and landing pages to improve conversion rates.
  • Consider intelligent budgeting by pausing worst performing campaigns and increasing the budget for best performing campaigns.
  • Ensure that the topics and interests you are targeting have enough search volume to achieve maximum impressions and clicks.
  • Always bid higher because high bids win you more ad placements leading to greater conversions. However, you will only pay the amount required to beat the next highest bidder.
  • Use List Match Audiences, Website Traffic Audiences, and Lookalike Audiences to retarget users who have visited your site.
  • Test different ad headlines continuously to win more clicks.
  • Use statements and question headlines in your text ads as they work best in driving clicks.
  • Always use the maximum available character limits for headline and body character count. This will enhance the visibility of your ads.
  • Test different CTA buttons because using just one CTA on multiple ad campaigns might result in low conversions and high campaign costs.
  • Use proper English and grammar and create high-resolution images to represent your product or service.
  • Create ads that target the audience’s pain points and have a clear call to action.
  • For image ads, test around four images simultaneously to optimize your campaigns for maximum clicks.
  • Use brand logos, product shots, and slogans to help people remember your brand.
  • Add links to promoted answers if it directly answers the user’s questions. Don’t forget to add UTM in Quora answer links because this will help you find the number of clicks your link receives from Quora Promoted Answers.
  • If you are looking for higher lead quality, you should use more Lead Gen Form ads. However, if you are looking for maximum leads, then keep the form fields to a minimum.

Quora Ads FAQs

Are Quora ads worth advertising?

Yes, Quora is worth advertising. Millions of people visit Quora every month to find answers to their questions. It also offers several unique features like:

  • Contextual targeting (specific topic, keywords, or questions based)
  • Audience targeting (website traffic or contact lists based)
  • Behavioral targeting (interest or user search history)
  • Broad targeting (show your ad everywhere on Quora)

Every business should consider Quora advertising at least once to judge the value they are getting by running different Quora ad campaigns.

How much does it cost to start advertising on Quora?

The actual cost of advertising on Quora depends on your business goals and how much you are willing to invest.

Quora offers two types of bidding:

CPC Bidding: You can start with a minimum of $0.01 USD per click.

CPM Bidding: You can invest a minimum of $0.20 USD per 1000 impressions.

How do Quora ads work?

Quora is a self-service ads platform that runs on a Cost Per Click model. It enables advertisers to create different text or image-based ads for both mobile and desktop.

Advertisers set their bids, and a real-time auction takes place to show the highest bid ads at the top for more impressions and clicks.

Besides, advertisers can target specific questions, topics, or user interests for ads. According to the ad configuration, your ads are displayed in different places, such as user feeds and question pages on Quora.

What is the average CPC of Quora ads?

The average CPC of Quora ads varies by industry and ad formats. It is between $2-$4 per click.

How can I acquire leads using Quora ads?

The best way to get leads using Quora ads is by using the Lead Gen Forms. You can add the Lead Gen Form to any ad format and start generating valuable business leads.

What are the benefits of using Promoted Answers on Quora?

Promoted answers is one of the targeting options provided by Quora in Ad Set. The benefit of promoted answers is that advertisers can push their answers to the top of the page, and the probability of people reading the answer increases. Hence, advertisers can get clicks to the website that they have linked in their answer.

Can I create more than one advertiser account on Quora?

Currently, Quora doesn’t allow multiple ads accounts. However, if you wish to create a second account on your existing Quora profile, you can contact their support team.

What is the average CTR of Quora ads?

The average CTR depends on bidding, your ad copy, and your ad targeting. Depending on your ad targeting options, the average CTR can be between 0.75% – 0.95%.

What is Quora’s Content Security Policy (CSP)?

CSP is a computer security standard that protects your website from unauthorized cross-site protection. This allows you to control the dynamic resources that are being loaded on your web pages. According to Quora, if you have a CSP, then your Quora Pixels may not fire properly.

How long does Quora take to review and approve an ad?

Quora takes a few hours to approve your ad. When you submit your ad for approval, an “Ad awaiting review” message appears under the ad delivery status. If your ad follows the Quora advertising policies, then it gets approved faster without rejections.

Can I bulk upload ads?

Quora allows advertisers to bulk upload only text ads. You can’t upload image ads and Promoted answers in bulk.

Can I bulk edit ads?

You can bulk edit image and text ads, but the editing tool only allows you to edit the ad’s text, not images. Also, you can’t bulk edit Promoted answers.

What are the payment options used to start my Quora ads campaign?

Currently, Quora supports debit and credit cards for ads payment.

Can I track conversions?

Yes, you can track conversions in Quora ads using Standard Events and Custom Events. You can track conversions on URL page load, and actions like Add to Cart button click in Standard Events. In Custom Events, you can track conversions based on specific URLs and actions.

Can I use Quora Pixel with Google Tag Manager?

Yes, Quora allows advertisers to install their Quora Pixels code using Google Tag Manager.


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