Stay Top-of-Mind With PPC Remarketing Services

Are users leaving your website without converting? No problem. Remarketing ads make it easy to keep up with lost website visitors through search, display and social media. Remarketing can also assist with customer retention–research shows that businesses can reap higher profits by retaining existing customers than acquiring new ones. Effective remarketing ads keep your brand top-of-mind and give customers an easy path to re-convert.

That’s why remarketing ads are a crucial component of our PPC strategies: you simply can’t afford to let interested prospects and existing customers forget about you.

Re-Engage Customers On A Variety Of Platforms

You’ve probably heard of remarketing with Google Ads. Google makes it easy to re-engage via search, display, and video advertising. But you can’t stop there–Bing and social media platforms (including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) also have remarketing capabilities so you can reach customers wherever they are online.

Target Customers Based On Their Behavior

Serve ads that speak to your customers’ interests. Targeting is based on:

  • Specific product, category, or service pages visited
  • Combinations of website pages visited
  • Ad engagement
  • Previous purchases

What Are The Benefits Of Remarketing Services?

Cookie-Based Tracking

Browser cookies track website visitors’ activity to help you serve the most relevant ads. Your remarketing agency can identify the best conversion opportunities based on pages visited.

Highly Affordable

Remarketing is one of the most affordable PPC advertising methods for businesses. It also tends to produce extremely high ROI since the target audience has proven interest in your product.

Customer Lists

No guessing required. Your PPC agency can use an existing customer list for direct remarketing on social media and search engines. (Don’t worry, there are measures in place to prevent privacy violations.)

Manual & Automated Optimization

Remarketing platforms are great, but machines aren’t perfect. Our PPC managers keep an expert eye on your ads to prevent issues and maximize ROI. Combined with automations, you have a powerful team on your side.

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