Grow Your Retail Business With Successful eCommerce PPC

To sell more retail products online, you need effective eCommerce PPC management. Managing your eCommerce PPC campaigns is time-consuming, and maybe you’re not seeing the results to justify the time you’re spending on it.

That’s where we come in. As a dedicated eCommerce PPC agency, we take away the burden of PPC management so you can focus on running your business. And, because we have experience and passion for advertising, our clients see much better results after we come on board. Our approach to eCommerce PPC management is simple: get more sales per marketing dollar.

Google Shopping Ads for Ecommerce

Google Shopping Ads or Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are tailored specifically for retail businesses. They allow you to promote and sell products directly through Google’s Merchant Center. Our PLA management services include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Google Merchant Center management
  • Product feed generation, management, & optimization
  • Manual bidding optimization for devices, demographics, keywords, & more
  • Negative keyword management
  • Accurate conversion tracking
  • In-depth market research
  • Comprehensive reporting on product performance

Shopping Ads For Brick & Mortar Stores

Google Shopping Ads are the go-to for retail businesses, but they’re not the only PPC option for eCommerce sites. Bing Shopping, Amazon advertising, and even Facebook Product Ads are also valuable for promoting your products. We can help you set up and manage these platforms.

Why Do You Need eCommerce PPC Management?

Stay Agile To Match Market Trends

As you know, most products don’t sell at the same rate year-round. Factors such as seasonality, economy, and outside forces can quickly shift consumer demand. Part of learning your business is staying on top of these trends, planning for foreseeable changes, and making agile adjustments to meet unexpected shifts.

Dynamic Remarketing & Retargeting Ads

We don’t let sales slip through your fingers. Dynamic remarketing & retargeting ads show specific products to users who viewed those products but didn’t purchase. No more generic “visit our site and buy now!” ads for your customers. More ROI for you.

Dedicated Management

We work closely with you to make sure your product feed is accurate, up-to-date, and problem-free at all times. After all, you can’t sell product if your ads aren’t running.

Certified Ecommerce PPC Agency

As a Google Premier Partner, Bing Ads Certified agency, and Facebook Professional PPC Management agency, you’re getting experienced eCommerce PPC management on every platform.

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