When the news broke in early March that the Coronavirus had arrived in the United States and a shutdown was imminent, we met as an agency to discuss strategies to help our clients get in front of the shutdown and thrive in this new climate.  For many of our clients, PPC is their only source of sales and/or leads. To stop running PPC would essentially stop business. We weren’t going to stand by and let that happen.

So, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work, using these strategies to maximize PPC returns for our clients in this uncertainty.

1. We evaluated our clients’ ads. Every single one of them. Ads with headlines like “Visit Us In Store Today” were paused and new ads were written to make the offer & CTA relevant to shutdown imposed restrictions.

2. As our clients worked in real-time to find new ways to operate their business within the confines of the shutdown- we updated their ads to promote new services and capabilities, including offerings like virtual appointments, next day delivery, free delivery etc.

3. We changed the messaging in our ads to make them in tune with the current social climate.  For one of our clients in the travel industry, we pulled ads for spring break travel and reframed to “Plan Now, Travel Later,” encouraging customers to start planning the vacations they are daydreaming about right now.

4. For some clients, the Coronavirus shutdown has provided the opportunity to go after additional market share, as their competition has pulled back in uncertainty. In these cases, we’ve capitalized on lower cost-per-click and doubled down on our current profitable strategies.

5. We’ve implemented a header on our landing pages to address COVID-19 policies. Not only does this grab a visitors attention, it also communicates that your company is on top of things and not asleep at the wheel. We’ve seen an increase in conversion rate on our landing pages since adding this header.

6. We are taking full advantage of the small business credits that are being offered by Google and Facebook and have been putting these free advertising dollars to work for our clients.

These times are uncertain, no doubt. But with some hard work and a little creativity, we are finding ways to deliver for our clients and not just help them stay in business, but thrive during this crisis.